Import Subscriber Data From Google Spreadsheets

External Source Settings

A recent addition for ActiveCampaign downloaded users includes the ability to import subscriber data from Google Spreadsheets.
Just click the image for “Google Docs” when importing from an external service. You will then see a link to “Authorize Google Spreadsheets”:
20110728 2
After clicking that link, you will be taken to the Google site to confirm that you want ActiveCampaign to access your documents. Click “Grant access” to confirm:
20110518 2
You will then be taken back to the subscriber import page, where you should see text confirming that you have authorized access to your Google spreadsheets:
20110728 1
Proceeding with the import, you will be prompted to choose which spreadsheet and worksheet you wish to import (you can only import one worksheet at a time):
20110518 4
You can then map the data to the appropriate fields in the ActiveCampaign software:
20110518 5
We recommend your Google spreadsheet be clean and readable, with column headers and no missing rows:
20110518 6
This will ensure an accurate import. When finished, your Google spreadsheet data will appear as new subscribers:
20110518 7
Please note: Your server will need the PHP DOM extension in order to use the Google Spreadsheets import source. We hope to include support for this in the hosted version soon.
Let us know if you have any questions or problems!

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