CRM’s and Email Marketing go hand in hand. Although their approaches are different,  both are focused on connecting people and businesses. ActiveCampaign is continually looking for quality CRM’s with who to build quality integrations with. This allows you users to take the power of two totally different systems and link their collective energies together creating a strong and dynamic sales/marketing tool. ActiveCampaign is excited to add Nimble CRM as an external subscriber import source, so now you can easily connect to your Nimble account from within ActiveCampaign and fetch all of your contacts information.
This integration will allow ActiveCampaign users to capitalize on the information contained within the Nimble platform for their email marketing campaigns. Through a simple authorization of the Nimble accounts, all customer information currently available within Nimble can be pulled into ActiveCampaign with each unique data point being mapped into custom fields. Instructions for the setup are below.
First, click “Authorize Nimble access” button on ActiveCampaign’s subscriber import page, and authorize access to your Nimble account:

Second, choose your lists, optional filters, and map your fields to ActiveCampaign:

Third, click the “Import Now” button and your Nimble contacts will then be added as ActiveCampaign subscribers.
In three simple steps, your newly added subscribers are ready to receive your newsletters and email marketing content.