If you could change one thing about Help Desk…

If you could change one thing about ActiveCampaign Help Desk Software what would it be?  Think about the public side, admin side, features, work-flow, license options, or anything else.

Let us know what you would change…

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  • Matching the piped mails with knowledgebase articles and instantly (with the confirmation email) send matching article links to the client.

  • A checkbox to enable/disable the login box (easier than changing templates).

    A lot of my customers complain that they cannot login or register, so they can’t send tickets.
    To me it is very clear that they don’t need to login or register to send a ticket (I have already changed the text to emphatize this) but they are still having problems.

    Another problem is that they also try to login with their control panel account. I know that I can change SupportTrio’s autentication database, pointing to my control panel database, but what will happen if a non-customer user tries to register?

  • After trialing this, so far the only let down and it will probably make us choose another product is there is no SLA function, if a ticket is not worked on for a certain time, it just sits there. We operate within SLAs and require this function.

    Nice product, shame it does not have this feature.

  • Peter H

    Allow the addition of keywords to knowledge base articles and prioritise them when searching for matches.

  • A better design for the helpdesk (client side) would be a great change.

    Clients prefer the k* look which is cleaner.

  • Philippe

    SLA is a muse have feature.
    Connection to ldap is another ldap feature !!!

  • Thanks for all the great comments so far. We are planning certain authentication updates (including ldap support) and will also be doing design updates along with a great number of features which should include SLA’s

    Lots of usability testing and work-flow testing will be going into this release as well….

  • Thanks Jason.

    Its great to hear that more features are coming up :)
    We want to give our customers the best help desk experience.

  • Antoine

    While improving, do not remove some nice features in previous versions, please!
    An example: the “Author Bio” feature in SupportTrio.

    For a lot of readerships, to know clearly the source of an article before reading its content is very important, and even indispensable, essential. In an earlier version, the “Author Bio” Option was much more interesting than the ones in current Version: By clicking on the name of an author, readers could view the author’s biography, even his(her) photo ; and Admin Users could turn on and off easily this option in the control panels.

    In the current version, only the author’s name and email address display. Admin Users cannot reveal Author Bio anymore.

    I suggest to reintegrate that feature in SupportTrio or at least to create an option allowing to show author’s signature to readers.

  • How about allowing embeded (html mail with img src) images (mostly screenshots) when including post from knowledgebase?

    Many of us use screenshots for kb articles. At present when we include the article content replying a ticket, the images get stripped off. I feel it would be much better if we clients could see the screenshots right on their email.

    And at times kb articles might become meaningless without the screenshots.

  • A number of great ideas once again.. :)

    dotcomUnderground – I like the idea of KB images in the responses. The response section (ticket view) is a page we will be working on quite a bit..

    Antoine – a KB rewrite is in the works.. Will ensure we have better bio support.

  • Michael

    1) Customer Service Interface – currently if you are responding to tickets and have the mouse in the wrong focus area and you hit backspace — it will take you off the current page and your message will be lost. Adding in some “are you sure you want to navigate away” type messages — that worked in IE and FF would be super!

    2) ability to pull out “modules”. e.g. get just the latest news part to embed in another page residing elsewhere (or be able to get an xml feed of that information)

    3) auto ticket escalations (SLA)

    4) auto ticket time reporting — if they took longer than X minutes to write the response, fire off a notification to someone.

    • The majority of your items are already on our list in one form or another.

  • Michael


    5) Ability to have forms that do not show on the site? So have ability to send people to a link that has a form they fillout and submit (that goes into the ticketing system) but that doesn’t show in the list of departments when you click submit a ticket.

  • Philippe

    I will add this one :

    Ability to make the subject of a ticket non mandatory.

    When you use lot of custom fields, the subject can be

    Custom fields could also be used in stats.

  • Antoine

    Thanks Jason,

    SupportTrio is a great product, I think. And I am waiting eagerly its new version :)

    Could you let us know when it will be released, approximatively ?

    • We do not have a release date at this time. We have some updates coming out for KB first. Then SupportTrio will finish the main development and enter beta for some time.

  • andor

    We use ST at our end to track clients and jobs (graphic/web design studio) – to this end, one thing that we’d love to see is the file attachment pane to be able to upload files in the background while we continue to work, like vBulletin or other file upload systems. As soon as you change focus from ST’s upload window, it crashes the upload, so with larger files you are left waiting while the upload completes which isn’t great for productivity.

    • I can guarantee that this will be changed. We have some great ideas in this area that we will be working on.

  • I think it’s hard to figure out how to close a ticket. I have had this problem on your site as well.

    • I am guessing you are talking about the public side only?

  • +1 to #14
    Having the option to set ticket subject optional (or remove/hide it completely) will allow us to use ST to manage diffrent forms. (setup request/cancellation form and so on)

  • Better support of russian encodings.. (KOI8-R)

  • Philippe

    I’ll add few things to my wishes :

    – When using e-mail confirmations as “Use as default”, there is a problem when you use custom fields in the conifrmation as some custom fields are not common to all departments. A way to isolate specific text and custom field for each department will be great.

    – Modify the “Add tickets” to calendar. Most of us already have a calendar (exchange, groupwise, zimbra…) and we do not want to use another calendar to handle tickets. So what about sending an calendar invite (using a standard format) to the admin e-mail so he could add to is “natural” calendar ???

    – Same remark as above could apply to tasks.

    – Assign ticket Permission : A more fine grained permission should be created : “Assign ticket to other admins”. And by default, an admin should only be able to assign a ticket to himself.

  • martin Demey

    I’m a new user of the product and discoverd that when we reopen a closed ticket then the ticket is not shown as open again.
    when we want to see the ticket we have to go to closed tickets
    in the mainwindow of tickets however we see that there is an open ticket (ticket stats)
    I think it would be better that reopend tickets ar shown in the open window. whit the status of reopend

  • Philippe

    Another one :

    When an admin edit an existing comment on a ticket, the comment still have it’s original date and creator. Perhaps updateing these values could be great.

  • Matt S

    SLA Support is an absolute must for corporate help desks.

  • Philippe

    i’ll ad these ones :

    – Create “profiles” for admin users, so i won’t have to specify each admin rights.

    – For admin with no rights on tickets, have a right to read the whole content of a ticket (right now, he doesn’t have access to comments on tickets) would be great (the manager of the it staff does not want to work on tickets but wants to be able to read them all).

    – For closed tickets, haveing a way to filter tickets as for opened ones.

  • Philippe

    And these ones :

    – When an admin create a ticket, have a way to auto assign to that admin instead of having to do that in a second time.

    – When an admin close a ticket, having a way to choose to send a closing
    message or not.

  • Ozkan Ozsoydan

    Email templates would be great. So we can choose email template from list that we previously saved.

  • Inline “change department” and other options (like status) changes on ticket view.

    So we wont have to go to home page and get back to the ticket again after making such changes.