The Diversity and Inclusion Committee of ActiveCampaign is proud to release our first ever Humans of AC installment!
“Humans of AC” is a project aimed at sharing employee’s stories through film (video), voice (podcast), and images (photography). With this project we’re striving to bridge the conversation gaps for the constantly growing team here at ActiveCampaign. We want to share our varied collection of voices, experiences, and thoughts on a regular basis. Humans of AC is intended to provide a safe, unbiased, organic platform to share our stories on various subjects, as they relate to our work and being human.

This month, ActiveCampaign gathered for our first ever Celebration of Pride events – intended to recognize and celebrate the history, struggle, and tremendous triumphs of the LGBTQIA+ community and pride movement. Niki Madison hosted a PRIDE Panel and Happy Hour, a fun filled evening with a panel of volunteers who shared their perspectives and experiences, ranging from why LGBTQIA+ inclusion and visibility is important in the workplace, to what Pride means to them. A group of ambitious early-risers took on the Proud to Run race course. And in honor of PRIDE month, we thought it would be appropriate for our first installment to be a video centered around how we at ActiveCampaign show our PRIDE.