How Can I Start An Email Marketing Service?

How Can I Start An Email Marketing Service?

Because online marketing is one of the few industries experiencing growth and prosperity in the present economy, a growing number of entrepreneurs and online service providers are aiming to expand into providing email marketing services. This is an outstanding business opportunity, particularly for businesses who already offer internet- or marketing-related services to their clients. In this article we will briefly review the steps you need to take to succeed as an email marketing service provider.

Your business plan

The first step, of course, is to determine who your target market is and exactly what you will be offering them. There a full sections of library devoted to the topic of how to write a business plan, but the basic are simple:

  • Market Analysis
    • Who will your customers be and what are their needs?
    • What is your competition like? What opportunitities exist and what barriers exist to realizing those opportunities? How do your particular strengths and weakness affect your chances of success?
  • Product Development
    • In this case you know you intend to provide email marketing service. What does that include? Will you be building up your clients’ email lists for them? Writing advertising copy? Or will you simply be providing access to a web-based email marketing system that you will maintain?
    • You will also want to evaluate your costs, including man-hours, and develop a pricing scheme based on consideration of these figures, how much profit you need to justify your efforts, and what price you think your market will bear for the services you’re offering.
  • Sales & Marketing
    • How do you intend to go about promoting your new service? Do you have an existing customer or subscriber base that you can leverage to get the service going?
    • Ordering & fulfillment logistics

Things You’ll Need

  • Hardware
    • No matter what type of email marketing service you’ll be running, you will need to invest in a solid server & ISP or a hosting package that is capable of accommodating your projected usage volume.
  • Software
  • Wetware
    • You will need to effectively market your service. If you have an existing client base and are offering the service to them as a way to add value or expand upon your existing services, then you definitely have a huge advantage here. Otherwise, you will have trouble competing with major service providers like ConstantContact and AWeber unless you find a specific niche or untapped client base. As with any other type of business planning, this is where your ability to exercise some serious ingenuity comes in.

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