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Personalize your message.
In all my years of working I can’t think of a team who needs more hours in the day than sales.
Based on the Salesforce “Second Annual State of Sales” report “On average, sales reps spend 64% of their time on non-selling tasks.”
But, if you are a business owner this could not be more relatable… performing many of the business functions on your own.
Having supported many sales reps throughout my career, many have complained about how tedious and time consuming personalizing emails can be. Though, it is necessary.
Your potential and current customers are being bombarded by emails everyday. Just as you are.
So, it is more important than ever to create personalized content that prospective and current customers are actually interested in receiving, and willing to open and engage with.
This is where it gets tricky.
How do you build quality relationships while maintaining efficiency and hitting your sales numbers?

Personalized saved responses

Many of the sales reps I worked with have met this challenge by saving responses in a personalized manner. A saved response can be thought of as a personal email template for one-off emails to a contact.
The goal of this is to limit the writing of repetitive messages.
Every sales rep has an email or question that they answer over and over again. Saving their response is a way to enable a certain amount of personalization without typing it 100 times.
However, the reps I supported usually had to get creative with how they would “save” their responses because, they didn’t have the ability to “save” their emails. They also didn’t have the ability to personalize emails with ease.
This is what one of their saved emails, confirming a meeting, might have looked like:
Sample email to schedule a meeting
As you can tell in the example above, the sales reps would leave fields that could be personalized for the prospective customer. The subject line and body of the email were complete, but they had to manually personalize it prior to sending.
However, if you are using ActiveCampaign we offer saved responses that can be personalized automatically.
This is a great way to efficiently send your responses while keeping them personalized.

Best practices when using saved responses

Let’s talk about the do’s and don’ts of saved responses…
You will notice in the above example, the saved response is used to confirm a meeting. This is a great example of when saved responses should be used. A meeting confirmation should be personalized, but it doesn’t need to be so specific that it needs to be a custom email.
Again, if you find yourself answering the same questions or sending the same emails constantly; these are good use cases for saved responses. Both require some personalization, but a saved response will still address 100% of the intended message.
This is a crucial point to understand.
Whether the message is 100% personalized or automated it should always satisfy exactly what you are trying to achieve or answer for the customer.
This means if you are responding to a current or prospective customer and your response only answers 80% of what they are asking, you should not send it. The message does not fully address the needs of the customer.

Intro and follow-up emails should not be “saved” responses

For instance, you would not want to use saved responses when sending an intro or meeting follow-up email.
An intro email requires a response that is well researched about the individual(s) and company. Similarly, when following-up after a meeting it should be very specific to what was discussed.
By sending a saved response you will be missing an opportunity to connect with the customer and show you are listening and engaged.
For these content specific scenarios, responses are not a formula that are programmed. Rather, these are personalized emails that need to address what your message wants to accomplish.
Thus, when determining use cases for saved responses, always keep in mind what you want to accomplish for the end user.

Why should I care? Free time.

Saved responses should be a tool to efficiently, personalize your responses.
It should not, and will not, ever replace messages that ought to be truly personalized.
However, this tool will allow for additional face-to-face interactions and the ability to focus on high value tasks due to the increased efficiency.
Ultimately, this allows you to spend more than 36% of your time building memorable relationships. While current or prospective customers will receive more engaging, relevant interactions.
Learn more about the Saved Response feature in ActiveCampaign with 3 additional use cases.

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