How to optimize Sendmail for sending speed…

How to optimize Sendmail for sending speed…

While we certainly prefer Qmail over Sendmail (for a variety of reasons) here is some information to help you optimize and work with Sendmail on your server.
There is a main configuartion file when dealing with sendmail.  This can be found at:

  • /etc/

This is the file that you will likely want to edit to make your optimizations.
There are numerous custom changes and modifications you could make to Sendmail.  Here are a couple we would suggest looking into:

  • Change the Timeout.ident setting to be “Timeout.ident=0s”
  • Configure Sendmail’s command-line submission tool to background itself after getting the email  instead of trying to deliver it to the main sendmail daemon (
  • Setup your own DNS server.  Then configure sendmail to use your new DNS server to resolve MX and A records.
  • Tune Sendmail (
  • Try switching to Qmail or Postfix and you will likely see improved speed even with the default configurations of both Qmail and Postfix.

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