How To Integrate ActiveCampaign and FormKeep

How To Integrate ActiveCampaign and FormKeep

This post was contributed by David Kloba of FormKeep

A personalized message starts with collecting quality information. And most opportunities to get such information come from one of the most often used tools: forms.

Forms are one of the best ways to get input from your prospects and make connections with them. However, you have to make sure the time you spend in bringing the user to your website is aligned with the time spent in focusing on the user experience.

Complex and frustrating web forms often cause a negative experience and cause people not to come back. You have to keep your forms simple and easy to complete.

This is where FormKeep comes in.

Why FormKeep?

Forms allow website and online store visitors to get in contact with you. Capturing sales leads, order requests, support questions and mailing list email captures all happen through web forms. But what happens to that data after the customer clicks the submit button?

With FormKeep, you can take action with the information submitted through web forms, such as transferring it directly to your email, collecting it in a spreadsheet, notifying in a Slack channel, and even personalizing a targeted email campaign.

Using FormKeep to store and manage your submissions comes with many benefits, including:

  • Google reCAPTCHA and Field Validations for spam protection: With this, you can assess submissions and reject fraudulent ones.
  • Zapier integration: Zapier can connect your forms to thousands of applications, opening up a range of e-commerce and project management options.
  • Secure data sharing: You choose which and how many email addresses to share submissions with, and those users can see the submitted data without needing to access FormKeep accounts.
  • Notification design: FormKeep lets you choose the format in which your data is presented to you, and you can decide whether or not to see every form field in your FormKeep notifications.
  • FormKeep’s easy drag-and-drop Form Designer for better user experience.

lv82oj4lt pastedimage01FormKeep Form Designer

FormKeep forms have a variety of fields to customize your forms, including:

  • Text fields
  • Radio buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • Dropdown lists
  • Hidden fields
  • File uploads
  • Buttons

The great thing about FormKeep is that you don’t even have to think about code. Everything’s easy with the drag and drop interface, preset templates, and thousands of integrations to apps are within your fingertips. One of the highlighted native integrations we have is with ActiveCampaign.

How FormKeep & ActiveCampaign Work Together

For a long time there’s been 2 ways to capture form data from your customers.

  1. Create a form quickly with an online drag and drop builder
  2. Have your site team build a form

When you need something fast and simple you would use an online drag and drop form builder to create the form and send it out. It would look pretty generic, but it would get the job done quickly.

Alternatively, you’d work with your website team to have them build a form that looks like the rest of your brand, but then it just stores the info in some company database that you can’t access and it’s hard to get the information to the other services that you use to send emails or manage the customer information.

The ActiveCampaign integration with FormKeep gives you the best of both worlds.

Keep your branding intact by using your own forms designed to look right on your site, and point them at the FormKeep backend. It will capture the information, protect you from spam and then forward the information directly to ActiveCampaign where you can trigger advanced automations and workflows based directly on the information you’ve captured.

How to connect FormKeep and ActiveCampaign

Connecting FormKeep and ActiveCampaign is easy! Once you login to your ActiveCampaign account, you can head over Apps, where you can search for FormKeep under the list of popular applications. Once you’ve connected the account, just log in to your FormKeep account.

xw3hty44h screenshotfrom2020 11 1713 14 18Grant access to ActiveCampaign.

The next step is to connect your FormKeep forms to ActiveCampaign. Add a new resource to your campaign, and you will be presented with a list of your forms. Once you’ve chosen your desired list, you can now map the fields from your form to the ActiveCampaign contact fields, and will automatically update in ActiveCampaign. Once this is all setup, you can create workflows or control the flow of email messages based on the information you’ve captured.

Connect your FormKeep forms to ActiveCampaign.

How to Use FormKeep & ActiveCampaign

Thousands of designers and developers have used FormKeep for many years to make their jobs easier. FormKeep processes hundreds of thousands of Forms per month, most of which are from marketing professionals and solopreneurs.

Marketing professionals have used FormKeep for customer feedback. FormKeep provides the flexibility marketing teams need where you can collect data from any part of the website, store it in a central location and pipe that information into thousands of different applications used throughout marketing departments – like Google Docs, Salesforce, and now, ActiveCampaign. Email and Slack notifications can also automatically notify teams when new data is collected.

For solopreneurs, FormKeep gives you ultimate flexibility on what happens after a user submits a form. FormKeep offers options to trigger an automatic email, deliver a thank you page, or redirect to a URL of your choice. Solopreneurs can use our easy online forms to capture any type of prospect information and distribute it to applications using FormKeep’s Webhook or Zapier integrations. FormKeep is layout independent, which allows businesses to design forms with desired specifications without having to think about code or backend. FormKeep handles that for you.

Our main function of collecting data about your contacts enables you to send targeted campaigns. Personalizing your content and its distribution allows you to speak directly to your contacts, about what they want, when they want to hear it, resulting in highly meaningful communications.

Conclusion: FormKeep and ActiveCampaign together creates a good customer experience

The best web form is one that initiates user action and anticipates better user participation. FormKeep is an accommodating form builder that helps marketers, businesses of any size to set up their data collection forms without thinking about code. And now, with ActiveCampaign, you can better personalize your messages to your leads and customers. Get started with FormKeep today!

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