How To Get Press Coverage For Free

How To Get Press Coverage For Free

image 8681584A challenge for every small business is to get traditional PR from magazines, newspapers, etc…
You have options such as hiring a PR firm (likely with a hefty monthly fee), trying to build contacts, submitting press releases to major press release sites, etc..
These are certainly methods that could work for some small businesses – but – there are a couple options that every business should look into regardless of your current efforts:

Help A Reporter Out (link)
This free site will send you daily emails (up to 3 a day) with requests from magazines, newspapers, online publications, and more.  It is very important to keep your responses clear and concise.  Include your full details with every response and never spam or reply with cookie-cutter responses.

Comment on blogs
There is an increased number of occurrences where blog comments are used as sources in major publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, etc…

Continually build contacts
Start small with your local publications and grow your network of contacts.

Targeted advertising
There have been reports of success by simply running highly targeted ads that will be presented to reporters in your field. Ad platforms such as Facebook Advertising allow fine-tuned ad campaigns for such things.

Use your own creativity
Sometimes the best ideas come from simple creativity within your business.  Many organizations have capitalized on creative ideas that result in substantial press coverage from events, stunts, unique products/services, and more.

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