How to Drive Value When Time is Scarce and Content Options are Increasing

Multiple options to choose from.
According to 81.8 million new posts are being published monthly. For perspective, that is 1,867.6 blogs per minute.
This represents an increase of 17.5M posts per month compared to September last year (64.3M).
These statistics only take into consideration articles published on WordPress. The amount of total content published online each month is actually much, much, greater than 81.8 million.

We make choices in life because our time is scarce

We have a vast amount of content to choose from and time is a limited (scarce) resource. We need to choose what content we want to consume.
This concept is known as scarcity in economics. The tension between our limited resources and our unlimited wants and needs. For people, those resources include time, money, and skill.
If we read a blog or article and it does not offer us value. We stop reading because we know we can choose something else.
We do not have unlimited time. Thus, we must create engaging content. Showing readers their time is well spent consuming our content.

Create engaging content that adds value not volume

The biggest driver of creating engaging content is knowing how to provide content your readers actually want to consume.
If you don’t know what your customers want, you can’t successfully engage them. You aren’t creating value, you are only creating volume.
Your goal is to create value over volume.
You can do this by:

  • Writing shorter form content. Writing shorter content you lessen your “ask.” Meaning, you are only asking your reader to give you three minutes instead of ten.
  • Sending fewer messages. Reducing the number of emails sent will decrease volume. The reader will also begin to learn if you are reaching out it is likely very important. For example, Netflix will reach out monthly to let you know that the wait is over. Stranger Things season 2 has finally been released (hits Oct. 27). This adds value not volume. It is worth my time.
  • Creating a purpose driven outline. Developing a well-considered outline will ensure your content has a purpose. An outline and solid purpose will safeguard you from getting off course or inserting fluff.
  • Surveying your audience. Asking your audience what they want gives you insight on what they will find valuable. It takes some of the guesswork out.

Why should they choose you?

We are all limited in the time that we have to give. So, if you can not show you are adding value your readers will seek someone who will.
Read this blog to discover if your contacts are engaged.

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