How to Choose the Best Phone System for Your Business

How to Choose the Best Phone System for Your Business

This post was contributed by Lera Dupliychuk, Marketing Manager at Nectar Desk.

It’s hard to imagine growing your business without interpersonal communication. You talk to your colleagues, partners and, of course, clients every single day, right?

But in a world of growing competition, how can you keep in touch with hundreds of customers both comfortably and efficiently? By choosing the most reliable platforms to facilitate your work — including a phone system and CRM that work well together.

In this post, we’ll cover how to choose the right phone system. Here are our top 5 tips for choosing the best phone system for your business:

  1. Make sure the phone system you choose has the full range of features
  2. Remember that the perfect phone system should have accessible phone numbers
  3. Consider the total cost of the service
  4. Ensure that the system is easy to use
  5. Don’t overlook customer support

Here we go!

1. Make sure the phone system you choose has a full range of features

In 2020, you have a wide variety of features, from simple 2-way calls to predictive dialer systems. Almost every Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution lets you make calls, but you need to make sure that you choose the one that’s right for your business.

First, think about the size of your company. If you own a small business, we recommend options where most of the work is done automatically by the system:

  • Voicemail drop
  • Calling campaigns
  • Virtual customer assistant
  • Automated call campaigns

If you run a mid-size or large company, you need reliable call control features:

  • Hold and mute options
  • Warm and cold transfers
  • Call conferencing

Call Analytics can also be a huge help for your business — it lets you analyze your company’s call activity so that you can consistently improve efficiency and customer experience.

Just imagine how many scenarios you can handle using these features! And think of the benefits of being in touch with your clients and providing them with high-quality service 24/7.

2. The perfect phone system should have accessible phone numbers

Your business is located in New York, but requires keeping in touch with clients from Florida, so you want to have a Florida phone number. Make sure that the phone system you choose provides you with access to different numbers in the area codes you need.

The same goes for country codes – do you need a UK number? You should be able to easily get one from the phone service you choose.

You can also keep your current phone numbers.

Think about this: Your current clients have known your phone number for years, but you’ve decided to manage your business with the help of a phone system. If you change your number, you’ll need to spend a lot of time making sure your clients know.

Keeping your number may reduce the number of phone systems you can choose from. But the right phone system for your business will let you easily port your current number into the system.

3. Consider the total cost of the service

When choosing between different VoIP systems, you want to make sure that the phone system you pick is cost-effective.

Some things to keep in mind when looking at pricing:

  • How the price varies for different plans or number of users
  • The features each plan includes
  • Potential discounts for long-time usage – many companies reduce prices for long-term clients

4. Ensure that the system is easy to use

The ideal phone system should be a helping hand during the working process — not an obstacle. We recommend that you test a new phone system before committing to it.

Make sure that you can test drive the chosen system for a short period before making your final choice.

That’s it, you’ve successfully chosen the right phone system!

But wait — what if questions arise while setting up or using your new phone system?

Find the answer in our last piece of advice.

5. Don’t overlook customer support

Your phone system can be the most reliable one on the market, but what if you need help?

We believe that the perfect cloud VoIP service should have 24/7 support representatives available to answer all of your questions and provide assistance as needed.

Your phone system provider should offer attentive service in case you have any issues with the system.

Conclusion: How the Nectar Desk phone system and ActiveCampaign CRM work together

Nectar Desk is a cloud-based call center solution developed for making calls and sending text messages worldwide. We are one of the most efficient tools for communicating with your clients within the ActiveCampaign interface.

With the Nectar Desk & ActiveCampaign integration, all calls and text messages will be logged under a contact’s profile in ActiveCampaign as a note, including the information about the call or SMS as well as the call recording URL. This lets you listen to your conversations with your client in one click, right from the ActiveCampaign contact profile.

Nectar Desk is easy to use and includes user-friendly calling, messaging, ticketing, chatting systems, full access to reporting and analytics, and many other features.

We hope this post helps you choose the best phone system for your business.

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