How SaaS Companies Can Use Site Messages to Boost Business

Site Messages for SaaS Businesses
Your website is all about communication. It may not be a phone call or an email, but every time somebody visits your site, you are communicating something to them. You may want to tell them why your software is the best on the market or teach them about the value it provides, or you may just want to coax them into signing up for a free trial. No matter what your immediate objective is, the ultimate objective rarely changes: turn your site visitors into customers, and the best way to do that is effective messaging.
Unfortunately communication via your webpage is fairly static. It lacks the dynamic back and forth of a conversation, and it can be difficult to tailor your messaging to each visitor. This is where Site Messages enter the fray.
What are Site Messages?
A Site Message let’s you improve communication with your website visitors by sending personalized messages that display on your webpage. This way, when somebody comes to your site looking for software, you’ll be able to use a Site Message to nudge them in the right direction. And don’t worry, this doesn’t mean crafting an individual message for every single person that visits your site.
To get the most out of Site Messages, it’s crucial you use them in conjunction with contact segmentation and automations. By segmenting contacts based on their actions, and then automating processes depending on the segment they fall into, you can deliver any number of customized Site Messages directly to the appropriate contact and at the appropriate time in their customer journey.
For example, let’s say Dan visited your site and filled out a form to demo your software. It’s been three months and Dan has only logged in to his (now expired) demo account once and hasn’t opened any of the emails you’ve sent him. You can set up an automation so that Dan— and any other leads like him— receives a message next time he visits your site that sends him to a page that is designed to demonstrate the value of your product or service. The best part is that you can personalize these messages which means you can add their name, email, or any other info from a custom field in their contact profile to the message. You can even add emojis to the message.
Site Messages for SaaS Companies
Site Message editor (above), live Site Message (below)
Site Messages for SaaS Business
Now, let’s dig into some other examples of how Site Messages can benefit your SaaS business.
Educate your customers
One of the great benefits of a SaaS model is the flexibility to provide frequent and useful product updates. One of the corresponding negatives to this agility is that it can be difficult for users to keep up. If you’re releasing a new patch every two weeks, users might begin to tune out your updates, and who can blame them, it’s not as if every update is germane to every user. The danger here, is that you’ll have a user base that isn’t aware of updates and bug fixes that actually do affect their workflow, hurting their user experience.
This is a great opportunity to use Site Messages. If you have a product update that’s going to have an impact on all your users that use e-commerce tools, you can create a message that’s geared toward that segment of your user base. When somebody from that segment visits your site, that message will appear on their page. Maybe you want just want them to be aware of the update, but more than likely, you’ll want to send them to a page with more educational content relating to the update.
Call to action
People are much likelier to talk to a salesperson or opt in to a free trial if you ask them to do it. Use Site Messages to do exactly that. This is another spot where it’s wise to use automations and segmentation to personalize the messaging. If a contact doesn’t appear engaged, you may not want to ask them to start a free trial; this could be a better time to try to enlighten them on the value that your product provides. However, if somebody has been visiting your site frequently, opening all of your campaigns and clicking on a bunch of links, a Site Message that prompts them to sign up for a free trial might be just the thing that converts them to a customer.
Once you get a customer in the door, the job is not done. You need to make sure they stick around and, in an ideal world, upgrade them to a higher pricing tier. This, of course, is no easy task, but it’s a spot where Site Messages come in handy. First, identify what behavior is a signifier for an upsell opportunity. Once you’ve done that, craft a Site Message that entices users to explore the expanded functionality of the higher tier. Remember, your automation doesn’t need to end with a site message. Create an automation so that if a user clicks through the link on your site message, a sales person is notified to reach out to the person for an upset opportunity.
Limitless options
There’s no limit to the ways in which you can use Site Messages. For every SaaS company, there’s a unique use case that can be a potential boon to business. But like any marketing tool, Site Messages need to be used properly. If there’s not the right strategy behind them, they’ll just become a message that your site visitors ignore while it clutters your page. However, if you use them properly, it won’t be long before you see your customer list grow.

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