How does a company make that first list?

How does a company make that first list?

In order to get started with email marketing, you’ll need to obtain that first list. Although it may seem daunting with all the strict sending laws and email service provider terms, you can ease some concern by following general marketing best practices:

  • Only contact those who have given you permission.
  • Be relevant and subscriber-centric.
  • Segment and test.

Some good ways to establish that first list include:

  • Putting a sign-up form on your website.
  • Asking your customers directly.
  • Any other promotion that allows people to provide their email address where it’s clear that they will receive future emails or updates.

If you are using our downloaded product, you will need to use your own IP address for sending, meaning the reputation is your responsibility. In such a case you may wish to start sending slowly, while building up a solid reputation, rather than sending out a mass amount of emails in the beginning.
With our hosted service, we handle deliverability, meaning you can focus on your list hygiene, subscriber retention, and marketing efforts.
Our hosted service will allow you to import your list and begin sending immediately, but we do keep an eye on various factors that can harm your deliverability, and increase your chances of being denied access to our service.
A sample of some factors include:

  • Is this your very first list?
  • Is your “From” address a commonly-used phishing domain?
  • Is your content length less than a certain number of bytes?
  • Do you have a postal address associated with your account, and is it a valid address?
  • Is there an “Unsubscribe” link contained in your message?

These are just a few of the many things we check for when approving a campaign to be sent using our hosted service. We are constantly improving our deliverability efforts by making sure only legitimate senders can use the service.
If you’re curious whether or not the method in which you obtained your list is valid, we have a detailed page with some common scenarios, along with an explanation on if you can safely use our hosted service.
If you’re new to email marketing, you’ll want to pay extra attention to that page, and make sure to be sensitive about who you send to initially, with only true opt-in’s allowed.
If you’re still unsure whether it’s okay to email someone, it’s probably not. In this case it’s best to re-confirm their interest by simply contacting them (outside of our software) and have them consent before adding them to your list.
If all else fails, consider our downloaded product which you can use with your own mail server.

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