How CXA is Creating More Growth for Ecommerce Companies in 2022

How CXA is Creating More Growth for Ecommerce Companies in 2022


“How would you rate your recently purchased product?”

Imagine receiving this email from a brand after not being able to reach a customer service team about a delayed order. Nothing makes loyal customers more frustrated.

Many ecommerce brands are using automation incorrectly, leading to poorer customer experiences. Automation missteps like this can really hurt a brand’s reputation. 

This example is why it’s important to leverage technology like customer experience automation (CXA) that pulls in all customer touchpoints from the entire customer journey and connects to your existing tech stack. You’ll be able to orchestrate a connected customer experience and always know which step to take next to avoid any automation mistakes. 

In addition to creating a richer customer experience, CXA has been shown to create real business impact for growing companies. And, there’s no better time than now to make a transformation. 

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In a recent survey of ActiveCampaign customers, nearly 70% of companies that grew over that past year changed their business model in some form—whether it be from adapting services to work online, targeting different customers, or building a hybrid model with in-person and online services.

To gain a deeper understanding of how leading ecommerce businesses grow using CXA, ActiveCampaign launched its first-ever Customer Experience Automation Impact Report that shares data and responses from ActiveCampaign customers in more than 20 countries.

We’ll explore some of the findings here and unpack the ways CXA leads ecommerce companies to see amazing results. Let’s dive in.

Businesses using CXA expect to grow their revenue by 100% 

For growing businesses of all types, CXA has quickly become an invaluable tool, but specifically, ecommerce businesses are seeing incredible growth. 

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According to the CXA Impact Report, ActiveCampaign found that businesses using CXA expect to double their revenue in 2022, growing by 100% over the next year. Compare that to the typical 3.5% growth seen from those using legacy email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools. 

One way CXA is helping businesses achieve growth is by bringing together all of their favorite tools to help deliver 1:1 experiences.

With automations that send 1:1 recommendations, add-on products, and abandoned cart reminders, customers are more likely to make a bigger purchase. Because of that, businesses that use CXA predict a 78% increase in average order value per customer. 

Abandoned cart reminder emails in particular are a huge driver of success for ecommerce businesses. According to ActiveCampaign’s abandoned cart calculator data, shoppers left $76.4 million in revenue in their carts in 2021. ActiveCampaign users recovered $10.4 million from those abandoned carts—saving 14% of potentially lost revenue!

Connect omnichannel experiences 

A disconnected experience can lead to automation mistakes as was mentioned earlier. But when your marketing channels and tools are unified with CXA, those engaging with your brand will feel understood and are more likely to become repeat, loyal customers. They’ll experience marketing that’s tailored to their preferences and receive them at the time they’ll engage the most.

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99% of those surveyed agree companies grow faster by using multiple channels beyond email marketing alone. In addition, 93% report using their website as an engagement channel to supplement their email marketing efforts.

Free up time to talk to customers

CXA brings the best attributes of bespoke 1:1 experiences and uses technology to bring it to scale for growing businesses that don’t have endless resources. For small- and medium-size ecommerce companies especially, relying on automation can be a huge asset to support the limited bandwidth of a small team.

Nearly half of businesses using CXA report that they now spend more time talking to customers because of time saved using automations. 

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Prebuilt automations (or automation recipes) that require a few steps to set up have been key for businesses to quickly deploy revenue-growing campaigns and strategies. 85% of users leverage automation recipes for abandoned cart emails, product reviews, emails about new or related products, and more. 

Overall, as more consumers and brands move to ecommerce, meeting the expectation for an amazing customer experience will be the difference between success and failure. 

It’s clear to see that there’s a big opportunity for better experiences, more customers, and higher revenue through the use of customer experience automation.
Download the CXA Impact Report to see all the results from the study.

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