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“Why is it so hard for me to go to events just because I have kids? Why can’t we just have childcare at events? This is common sense, people.”

After leaving her job as a lawyer to have three children in three years, Uldouz Van Eenoo was restless. She cherished motherhood, but was looking for a community — women entrepreneurs raising kids at home.

She couldn’t find any that fit her needs. The communities she found all scheduled the same three types of events:

  • Breakfast networking events
  • After work engagements
  • Full day gatherings

Not exactly the kind of thing that’s easy for a mom to drop in on.

nametagNetworking can be isolating, even when you’re actually able to go.

That’s why Uldouz founded The Mothers Den, a coaching, support, and learning community. “I wanted to do it on my terms. I wanted to still be with my kids and have those daily experiences with them.”

The Mothers Den logoThe Mothers Den: because networking doesn’t always make room for motherhood.

For the women who ask “How do I get my child to eat their peas, and then how do I market my business?”

“The Mother’s Den is a network that encompasses everything that I wish existed for me at that time.”

Why is The Mothers Den successful? Because it’s tailored to the woman who doesn’t want to be spoken to like she’s “just” a mom, but recognizes that motherhood is a big part of her life.

Based on her own experience, Uldouz created the workshops and support network that she would have wanted. The Mother’s Den offers:

  • Coaching, an online community, and Success Circle classes
  • Brunches, webinars, guest speakers, and networking opportunities for mothers

With such a specific target audience, Uldouz needed a personalized marketing strategy to get results. And for that, she used ActiveCampaign.

Location, Location, Location — How The Mothers Den uses ActiveCampaign to stand out in the inbox.

“I always knew that this business would be national. I did not know how, I did not know when, but I knew that it was part of the plan.”

Uldouz’s first events were just in Sydney — a great way to get people from Perth, another Australian city, to unsubscribe.

At least it would be, if the Mother’s Den had bombarded them with emails. Emails that grab RSVPs can be tricky – Uldouz used targeting and tagging to make sure that only people in Sydney got the event emails.

Mothers Den ticket pageDid you know that 70% of users become regular customers after an experiential marketing event, and that 30% of attendees look up future events?

How did Uldouz figure out which people she should email?

  • Tagging. Uldouz uses tags to target members based on location, children, and business interests.
  • Site tracking. She sees which step of the event sign-up process makes her lose people, then retargets them through email.
  • List demographics. Uldouz can show sponsors comprehensive information about her audience. It’s not enough to approach a sponsor with 50,000 contacts — the details lead to better partnerships and an improved experience for attendees.

As Uldouz explains, the targeting “helps with people feeling like, ‘Oh, they’re talking to me. They hear me and they see me and my needs.’ So being able to target them in that specific way, gosh, it just changes everything.”

Tag, you’re it! How tagging contacts keeps them from getting lost in digital translation

Events are a cornerstone of The Mothers Den. And tagging contacts is a cornerstone in crafting valuable events. How does Uldouz get the information she needs – without people abandoning half-filled forms?

Long drug store receiptDon’t make forms the digital equivalent of those endless drugstore receipts.

At first she stumbled, saying, “I wanted to know their pets’ names and what their favorite color was when they were seven years old.”

Uldouz whittled her website form down. To four fields. Did her membership go up? You know it.

Zapier, Eventbrite, and ActiveCampaignZapier connects apps to ActiveCampaign to automate workflows.

For events, she uses Eventbrite to register attendees. Using Zapier to integrate Eventbrite with ActiveCampaign, she transfers fresh information to create new or updated tags. You can get this zap here.

“In business, knowledge is power. The more knowledge you can have, the more you can iterate and adapt.”

Do you want forms and copy that convert visitors into contacts? We have resources for that:

Community is necessary. Emojis are not.

“Who do I think I am, putting on an event for a hundred women, trying to pretend like I’m a big fancy business, and I’m really just a mom?”

Online is so impersonal.

It’s easy to find social platforms where an emoji is the height of engagement. But that’s not how to build an online community – a great community serves a greater goal.

Uldouz’s greater goal was to create real spaces. But imposter syndrome can strike anyone, as she discovered running her first live event.

How could she calm this self-doubt? She focused on her audience: what they were going through, and how she was going to help.

“You know what, Uldouz, it’s not about you. It’s about all those people who couldn’t come along before and listen to a simple talk about mindset or social media or content marketing, who are now able to.”

Who did she think she was? Uldouz had found the answer. She brought mothers together, to forge a path in business.

A path where they can now seek the answer to that question for themselves.

custom fields in formFind your best customers with custom fields and start tagging immediately. Custom form fields mean you can ask for any information you need.