How ActiveCampaign Uses Our Own Platform to Educate Customers and Offer Continual Support

How ActiveCampaign Uses Our Own Platform to Educate Customers and Offer Continual Support

As we’ve mentioned, keeping leads nurtured during the sales process is crucial to keeping them interested, and the same goes for customers once they convert. You can’t expect customers to stick around if they don’t feel supported after the selling stops. The point is to keep the customers you worked so hard to close, and to do that you need to make sure that they feel they’re set up for success.

At ActiveCampaign, we take pride in how much we love our customers. In fact, we’re a bit obsessed with their success, because we’d be nowhere without our 150,000+ customers around the world. We’ve gone so far as to offer the only Customer Success Commitment of its kind, which includes a satisfaction guarantee, a price lock guarantee, and more. We’re dedicated to continued success and long-term growth for each of our customers, whether they’re using our Lite plan with 500 contacts or the Enterprise plan with 500,000 contacts or more. 

Once a customer signs up for ActiveCampaign, we take our task very seriously and ensure that each customer gets the tailored, hands on training they need to get started right away. Once the onboarding period is over, we offer continued support so they have all the information and knowledge they need to make the most out of customer experience automation (CXA) and the  ActiveCampaign platform.

How ActiveCampaign ensures customer support and platform adoption

So many B2B businesses out there think that the customer lifecycle is a straight line, with a beginning point and an endpoint. But for us at ActiveCampaign, we view it as a continuous loop. Too many times, a customer converts, gets set up on the tool they purchased, and then sits there twiddling their thumbs wondering what to do next. Your customers won’t thank you for leaving them high and dry once they start paying you, so we’re here to show you how we support our customers and help them grow into the business they’ve always dreamed of.

We constantly say that one size fits all platforms help no one, and the same goes for support and training. While we do have over 150k customers worldwide, we want to give every customer the opportunity for tailored training and onboarding. To do this, we offer a variety of start up training and continued education as they start their CXA journey. 

Our Accelerated Onboarding program is a 90 minute webinar hosted by ActiveCampaign team members with multiple sessions a week in either English, or other supported languages. In each session, the team focuses on key platform management and strategies, so each customer walks away with ideas on how to apply what they learned to their business. The instructors work inside the platform to demonstrate first hand what it takes to run a successful CXA strategy.

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Our platform has a lot of features, so most times, 90 minutes isn’t enough for a customer. We understand that, and that’s why we offer our recurring Study Hall sessions! While we aren’t currently travelling due to the global pandemic, our team was able to pivot on a dime and offer Study Hall classes virtually in multiple time zones and languages. Each session aims to dive deeper into areas of the platform like automations, campaign setup, and contact management. 

If customers want to hear about the latest and greatest product and feature enhancements, they can either sign up for our free Product Updates webinar, view the weekly highlights blogs, or check out our regularly updated release notes. We pride ourselves on trust and transparency for our customers, so to keep them constantly informed of the improvements we’re making to the platform, we routinely highlight specific features they would find useful in their accounts. Complete with detailed help documentation, our blogs and emails keep our customers in the know.

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To promote these sessions and webinars and keep customers coming back, we will track registrants inside the ActiveCampaign platform and send them future sessions on topics they’re interested in and ones that take place in their time zone to make it most convenient for them. Keeping track of small details like that show our customers that we’re here to help when it’s convenient for them. Using integrations with Demio, Zoom, and Eventbrite, we can easily pass information back and forth to improve each customer’s experience. 

We continually offer our customers relevant and timely information and updates through nurture sequences using our own ActiveCampaign email and automations. Much like our lead and trial nurture flows, the content and sequence of the emails depends on who the customer is. What industry are they in? What products are they using or not using? Are they integrating with any third party tools? All of these questions help us determine what content to send when, so our customers are always in the know and see what resources are available to continue their success with ActiveCampaign. 

The recipe for successful customer engagement 

Not only do we offer great email templates to help new customers get started fast, but we also have an entire automation recipe marketplace to quickly set up multi-step automation workflows. The marketplace is a one stop shop for ActiveCampaign customers who are looking for a sales automation template or some inspiration for specific engagements.

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These recipes are provided by our team here at ActiveCampaign, but over 200 are actually created and uploaded via other customers, consultants, integration partners, and more. We really rely on our network of users to provide their expertise, so our new customers can see that the recipes they’re introducing to their account actually work and are endorsed by businesses like theirs. 

“Automation recipes have allowed me to re-engage with my audience. I was able to begin with simple recipes to start and move onto more complicated automations to better connect with my customers.”

– Himanshi Munshaw Luhar, Director of FoodieTrails

Inside the marketplace, users can search and filter based on what they’re specifically looking for, whether it be tied to an industry, a use case (Sales, Marketing, Support, etc), or a specific platform feature. If they’re an ecommerce business, they’d likely filter by the ecommerce/retail industry. Or, if they have a certain feature in mind, they might select a filter for Pages, Abandoned Cart, or Site Tracking. A B2B business could filter off the Software industry, and add another layer of filters for the Sales use case and CRM-specific recipes. Is the customer using another language in their account? We offer recipes in French, Germain, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian with more being added every day so users across the world feel supported and set up for success. 

“In just three years, we went from roughly 30 recipes to just over 750, that’s a 2410% increase. We went from offering a handful of simple, every-day recipes to offering industry and use-case specific recipes and recipes for the most-used integrations by our customers. It’s really important to us that every customer knows we have their back.”

– Cody Lindley, Sr Marketing Manager, Marketplace

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What might be the most surprising about our recipe marketplace, is that it’s managed solely by one ActiveCampaign team member. Cody started working at ActiveCampaign only a few years ago when there were a couple dozen recipes, and has built nearly two thirds of the recipes available today. Want to learn more about the recipe Marketplace and how it works? Check out Cody’s post to get started. 

Just like our recipe marketplace, we understand that customers who are new to customer experience automation (CXA) might start small and grow over time. And what rate businesses grow is different for everyone. Whether growth is fast, or slow and steady, ActiveCampaign is here with the training, recipes, and continued support needed to make the most out of each customer engagement.

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