How We “Create Wow” At ActiveCampaign

How We “Create Wow” At ActiveCampaign

As we approach the fourth quarter of what has been a truly unprecedented year, I find myself reflecting more about our company values, and how we can continue to live by them in a dramatically different world.

One of our core values is to Create Wow. For us, this means that we don’t just want to meet customer expectations – we want customers to say, “Wow! ActiveCampaign has transformed my business.” This is a value we’ve lived out since the beginning when we offered free 1-1 strategy sessions to even our freemium customers. In a crowded marketplace, I believe our ability to create wow is one of the primary reasons we have such high levels of advocacy across 100k+ customers in 170 countries.

How do we create wow at ActiveCampaign?

Creating wow is all about putting the customer first, and delivering value in everything we do. This is something almost all companies strive to do, but truly living this value takes more than words. Creating a customer experience with a “wow” factor comes from adapting each experience for each customer, bringing personalized offerings and communications to the customer – no matter where in the world they are – that makes a difference in how their business operates.

I continue to be proud of the way our team moved to physically support all of our customers — even those in non-traditional hubs — with in-person, daylong training sessions that we called “study halls.”

txzy6hht image2020 09 04at1.13.23pmStudy Hall is tailored to meet the needs of every customer learning level through 3 curated sessions.

When we launched this program, there was no way to know if delivering personalized customer experiences in smaller cities would have a big impact, but we were pleased to see our out-of-the-box efforts lead to increased levels of enthusiasm, loyalty, and advocacy.

When COVID impacted our customers all around the world, we pivoted these courses again, going from in-person events to digital, and launching new courses to help our customers through digital transformation. Adapting our programs

Other ways we create wow for customers include:

  • Our Customer Success Commitment, which outlines the incredibly high level of service we provide customers, including free migration and implementation

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How do we continue to scale our “wow” at ActiveCampaign?

It gets more and more difficult to create a notable “wow” experience. But I think that we achieve more of these moments by doing a lot of little things that create a combined impact, rather than one big thing. A good, continuous customer experience is the real wow.

As time progresses, we’ll continue to encourage creativity and resourcefulness to go beyond our customers’ expectations. Our ability to go the extra mile and deliver unexpected and delightful customer experiences is critical to our continued success.

Finding new ways to create “wow” at ActiveCampaign continues to be a top priority of mine. If you are an ActiveCampaign customer and have ideas for how we can continue to help you grow through 2021 and beyond, I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line at jason@activecampaign, and I’ll do my best to respond.

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