How ActiveCampaign Builds Equality Across Company Rewards & Benefits

How ActiveCampaign Builds Equality Across Company Rewards & Benefits

This post was contributed by Aimee Lowry, Senior Director, Global Total Rewards.

As an ACer, I am impressed by our organization’s strong and growing commitment to Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in all areas, including reward. I view the employee value proposition for any employee, regardless of gender, as a holistic endeavor —e.g., how we ensure the physical, mental, financial, and professional health of all team members across the globe.

As a Reward professional, I am passionate about designing programs that meet the needs of employees with equity, empathy, and integrity. As a woman who’s been in the workforce for longer than I care to admit, I’m committed to improving education around reward as well as ways we can grow our careers while enjoying fulfilling lives in and out of work.

When we talk about a Company’s reward programs, we are referring to a wide range of components from benefits and compensation to work-life plans and professional development opportunities. At ActiveCampaign, we continuously benchmark our plans against the market to measure competitiveness while also remaining true to our core values.

On the benefits front, ActiveCampaign offers US health plans that are comprehensive and richer than many technology companies, starting with a no cost option for employees and their families in our High Deductible health plan with a Health Savings Account (HSA). Across the globe, we offer health coverage for our employees and their families, including low cost access to supplemental medical care in countries with strong national health systems. We add to health coverage with various other programs including life insurance, disability, employee assistance programs, and a wide range of voluntary benefits where appropriate.

In all of our programs, we are committed to respecting our diverse employee populations. We recognize that employees have a variety of needs, families come in many shapes and sizes, and we need to continuously evaluate and build on our programs as the company grows.

Of course, as employees, we all want to be paid fairly and competitively, which includes base pay as well as variable pay for eligible employee groups. Over the past year, we have ramped up our commitment to ensuring our compensation programs are competitive and applied without bias across our populations. We have:

  • Made a significant investment in benchmarking capabilities, including global compensation surveys we can use internally as well as hiring leading consultants to review all aspects of our compensation plans;
  • Introduced a broad-based equity plan that allows all employees to share in the creation of value at ActiveCampaign through generous Equity Appreciation Unit grants;
  • Implemented new systems like Workday that improve our ability to manage compensation and benefits programs while providing top-notch analytics;
  • Tested our compensation data internally and using Holistic, a leading consultant on pay equity, to ensure fairness across our base, regardless of gender, ethnicity, and age.

It is incumbent on all employees to understand their reward programs, choose wisely, and commit to using them to improve overall well-being. It is not enough to be a passive consumer. We need to maximize the value of our rewards by:

  • Assessing our own needs and those of our families as we make choices;
  • Setting our financial goals and recognizing our own roles in their achievement, whether that means saving for retirement, choosing supplemental benefits, or using other financial planning resources provided in our plans;
  • Understanding that pay equity means that rewards are offered without bias, but our own performance and growth is also critical to success personally and professionally;
  • Improving our competencies and technical skills through the plethora of training and development opportunities available to us as ACers;
  • Working with our managers to set career goals and engage in interactive feedback conversations;
  • Think like owners! We all now have a stake in ActiveCampaign’s growth and success;
  • Let your voice be heard. Companies can develop reward plans without employee feedback, but they are more likely to fall short. You can play an important part in helping Reward deliver plans that meet your needs, resources that help you grow, and information around equity and inclusion in all of our programs.

For more information about ActiveCampaigns perks and benefits, check out this blog post. And if you’re interested in joining our team, make sure to review all our open job postings here.

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