How do you know what’s going to work to get your customers to engage with your business? The best way to get to know your customers is through your customers. Use the vast amount of customer data at your disposal to get deeper insights and improve your business.

ActiveCampaign Account Manager Chelsea Marion co-hosted a webinar with Sven Anders Alwerud, Director of Retail & Digital Marketing at Koia – a plant-based protein beverage company – to talk about how customer data can increase your customer engagement.

Chelsea and Sven have worked together to help reach Koia’s business goals through the power of customer data in the ActiveCampaign CRM.

When Koia started using ActiveCampaign, Sven had 3 goals:

  1. Acquire new leads
  2. Increase engagement
  3. Reduce CAC (or customer acquisition costs)

Did they pull it off? You bet they did!

Watch the webinar recording above or read the recap below to learn how Koia used Customer Experience Automation (CXA) to:

  • Collect customer data (hint: you already have it) and use it to get new leads
  • Activate your most engaged contacts through customer loyalty programs
  • Monitor your success

How CXA helped Koia create a customer loyalty program

If your business wants to get new qualified leads, increase customer engagement, and reduce your CAC, you need customer data. But you can’t expect anyone to just hand over their personal details.

Customers are more forthcoming with their personal information when they know they can trust you — and when they get content that’s relevant to them. Here’s how Koia created a program so valuable that customers couldn’t wait to sign up:

  • A new subscriber signs up for the Koia newsletter or enters a giveaway, giving the Koia team their email address and location
  • The subscriber enters a welcome series that nurtures the lead, shares promotions and coupons, and educates them about all things Koia
  • If the new subscriber is active, clicking on links and opening emails, they’re added to a Facebook Custom Audience
  • Koia uses Facebook Custom Audiences to find similar audiences to target for future giveaways
  • Active subscribers also get the Koia Krew loyalty program recruitment email

To learn more about how Koia got impressive results from their customer data, check out their customer story!

Sven found that the data most important to Koia is geography – what cities and zip codes their target customers live in. Koia beverages are primarily sold in grocery stores, so this info is important because Koia likes to attribute their email campaigns to an actual store in a customer’s area.

“It’s really important to be able to identify the geolocation that customers are at because it just helps us do more targeted email marketing,” says Sven.

The power of that customer data spawned an idea for a loyalty program. Sven found a way to increase customer engagement by creating advocates – and Koia easily tracks them all through a CRM.

How a loyalty program with “secret missions” turns your best customers into your best marketers

When he identified Koia’s most engaged customers, Sven was already thinking about how to put that data to work. Data in hand, he was able to start a loyalty program called the Koia Krew – with every member tracked through the ActiveCampaign CRM.

“We’re also able to segment our contacts and we can then see who’s the most engaged and then we can send them emails to offer a spot on the Koia Krew,” says Sven. “If a person is the most engaged, they’re likely going to want to also join a loyalty program.”

“We have all these super crazy fans who absolutely love our product, and we want to create a community of the all-time Koia lovers. And the whole goal was to have a community member or Koia crew member next to a store, like every single store that we’re in. Today we are in 8,000 stores and our loyalty program, the Koia Krew, has about 5,600 members,” says Sven.

As a primarily brick and mortar business, Koia Krew members help promote the brand through “secret missions” throughout the year by having loyalty members take selfies with their products in stores, tag the store location, and share on their platforms.

“We’re trying to build a community. That’s our number one goal with social, to develop a community of really excited members,” says Sven.

The missions can be accessed through Koia’s missions dashboard.

The Koia Krew mission dashboard.

Koia’s year-long mission-based loyalty program is all run through the ActiveCampaign CRM using pipelines.

When Koia needs to support a store in a certain region, they do an advanced search in ActiveCampaign, find out which Koia Krew members are in those specific areas, and then send them a secret mission to take their Koia selfies.

“When the social media teams at retailers see the volume of Koia Krew selfies tagging their locations, they’re kind of like ‘Whoa, we have all these photos from people who love Koia, this must be really popular.’ And then they start talking to their manager and their buyers,” says Sven.

Each stage in this pipeline is meant to mimic the Koia Krew member journey as they complete missions.

Each stage thereafter represents a mission or task that the Koia member must complete.

Anyone that signed up for the Krew was added to the Krew List and sent a welcome email; they also entered an automation. When they first signed up for the Koia Krew, everybody got this welcome email, which gave them access to the mission dashboard and entered them into an automation.

A deal was created in the ActiveCampaign CRM as soon as a Krew member signed up. Contacts sat in the mission queue until they satisfied the conditions of the goal by submitting a mission form.

Once they’ve done that, contacts get moved out of that first mission queue.

Contacts progress through the pipeline as they complete each task and Koia sales teams can track people’s progress to see the most engaged customers. The pipeline is also connected to other automations that Koia uses.

Each of the first 4 missions has its own goals:

Each of the missions and their goals help promote advocacy among members.

  1. Invite friends to check out Koia through shared social to amplify their recruiting efforts
  2. Provide feedback on the Koia Krew review platform for a chance to win X.
  3. Share Koia content through Instagram story forms – and tag friends to answer the questions too
  4. Create content like favorite smoothie bowl recipes to reuse as social content on Koia channels

“ActiveCampaign is so flexible I was able to create a loyalty program which has helped us learn more about our customers and keep them engaged. We are now understanding our customers better and becoming more personal at every touchpoint.” – Sven-Anders Alwerud, Director of Digital & Retail Marketing

All of this is great to increase overall customer engagement. But if you want your business to do something similar, make sure you set goals and know how you’ll monitor your performance.

Sven had three goals when he began using ActiveCampaign:

  1. Acquire new leads
  2. Increase engagement
  3. Reduce CAC

And with the help of marketing automation, emails, Facebook ads and a loyalty program, the results showed just how well Koia did with their goals.

  • They acquired 10,000 new email contacts per month
  • They saw a 100% increase in social media engagement
  • They noted 65% cost savings to acquire a new customer

Whether your business goals are reducing CAC, improving acquisition, or something else — Customer Experience Automation can help.