“I wondered if other people out there in the world would love it as much as I did.” – Jain Brand

When Jain started posting videos with her horse, she never expected them to turn into a business. It was just about teaching her horse some tricks, and seeing if anyone else wanted to do the same.

It turns out, there are a lot of people out there that want to have fun with their horses and do things other than riding.

Jain’s early videos hit on an unmet need. There are a lot of resources out there for people learning to ride—but not nearly as many for people who want to bond with their horses in other ways.

But there are a lot of people who want to bond with their horses, like…

  • People who can’t ride, but still want to have a relationship with their horses
  • People who don’t want to ride
  • People who ride, but are looking for new ways to bond

The message resonates. Just one blog post on “things to do with your horse” picked up 93 comments like this one.

a comment on Jain's blogRiding isn’t the only way to bond with a horse

Today, Horse Tricks 101 has over 80,000 Facebook followers and a strong email list.

To turn that into a business, Jain uses ActiveCampaign.

6 easy ways to make your horse fall in love with you

“To me it was logical, setting up those automations. It was kind of intuitive to set up.” – Jain Brand

Jain’s business runs on her outstanding content.

Jain lives on a pecan farm, and works on Horse Tricks 101 when it isn’t the harvest season. Because of her environment, a lot of the content she produces is her playing with her own horses on the farm.
Jain bowing with her horse Trigger

Jain bowing with her horse, Trigger

Why does it work? Because Jain’s commitment to lifelong learning has taught her a lot about how to train horses.

a list of Jain's qualificationsThat’s a lot of horse training

How does she turn that into a business? By pulling a page from the standard online business playbook.

‘Here’s how Jain gets sales:

  1. A potential customer comes to Horse Tricks 101 through Facebook, a Google search, or some other content
  2. The customer downloads Jain’s free lead magnet “6 Easy Ways to Make Your Horse Fall in Love With You”
  3. ActiveCampaign triggers a welcome email series that nurtures the new lead, and eventually pitches one of Jain’s products
  4. When a customer makes a purchase (an ebook or an online course), ActiveCampaign can segment them out and add them to new automations

“It’s really good because people come in and I can just see instantly where they are in the automation.” – Jain Brand

Visitor → lead magnet → customer isn’t a complicated system. But it works because of Jain’s expertise, and because she can use ActiveCampaign to set up all the automations she needs to make her business run.

“I’m testing a heap of emails to see which ones convert and which ones don’t”

“Some emails I think ‘that’s a really clever line’ and it just bombs. And then there are ones that I didn’t think would do well that really work.” – Jain Brand

With a funnel set up, it would be easy to sit back and just…let it run.
Jain takes things a step further.

Right now, she’s setting up a more comprehensive online course, hosted in the online membership software Kajabi, to grow her business more.

And, of course, she tests.

By testing each email she sends, Jain can find the messages that work best to get her more customers. As she’s learned, it isn’t always obvious which emails are going to get noticed (or ignored)—testing is a crucial step to making sure Horse Tricks 101 keeps growing.

“It started off just in Australia, but now most of the people on my email list are actually from the United States and the UK.” – Jain Brand

Backed by strong content and automation, Jain has been able to turn her passion and knowledge of horses into a growing business.