Help Desk Tip: Update Your Email Notifications To Show Inbox Message Preview

Screenshot of ActiveCampaign Help Desk Software ticket message details

By default, our Help Desk email notifications appear like this:
20101209 3
Notice the actual ticket response is positioned towards the center of the message body. For email clients that display message previews in the inbox, it’s unhelpful to see anything but the actual ticket response.
Check out this screenshot from the iPhone Mail client. The top message uses the default email notification structure. The bottom message moves the actual response to the top of the email message body, thus making the message preview appear in the inbox:
20101209 2
Here is an example from Gmail:
20101209 4
The top message is more useful because you can preview the response right from the inbox, which helps when quickly scanning emails. Imagine keywords that stand out, such as, “Help! It’s not working!”. You’d probably want to recognize and attend to that message as quickly as possible.
You can easily configure your Help Desk email notifications to appear like this, by going to Administration > Settings > Notification Messages:
20101209 5
Edit any of the messages:
20101209 6
Then make sure the %LASTPOST% personalization tag is present at the very top of the email message body:
20101209 7
You can leave it in the center too, if you want.
Just helping make your Help Desk support more efficient!

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