Help Desk Mobile

Is your Help Desk mobile?
With our latest release of Help Desk, you can access your ticket system on any mobile device, and experience an optimized interface for easier usability.
Here are a few screenshots from an iPhone:
20101028 1
20101028 2
20101028 3
To access the mobile version, just go to The software will also detect if you are using a mobile device, and automatically redirect to the mobile version.
You can still load the full interface if you want, as only the main features exist in the mobile version, but we are adding more features often. Our goal is to keep the mobile layout as streamlined as possible for smaller screens.
Note: The mobile version is currently only available for the administrative section.
We are working to provide the best possible experience on all mobile devices, so let us know if your device is having trouble accessing your Help Desk system.
Also, if we can improve anything in regards to the mobile interface or functionality, please let us know!

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