Help Desk JIRA Widget

After announcing support for widgets in Help Desk, and previewing our Basecamp integration, today we’re pleased to announce widget integration for Atlassian JIRA.
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Similar to Basecamp, JIRA is a task management and collaboration tool. With the JIRA widget for Help Desk, you’ll be able to manage your tasks directly within the Help Desk software.
Once you upload the “jira” folder to your web server, you can enable it in the admin section of Help Desk:
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Please make sure you are using PHP 5, with the SOAP extension turned on, otherwise you will see this message:
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Once enabled, just supply the URL to your JIRA installation, as well as the components you’d like to show, and location within the Help Desk software:
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Users can then log into JIRA through the widget, and manage tasks:
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Everything remains in sync with the full version of JIRA:
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To download the JIRA widget, and for more information, please see the extended section of our website.

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