Help Desk 3.0 Development Update

NOTE: This blog post refers to a product that is no longer offered or supported. 


We have been developing ActiveCampaign Help Desk 3.0 for some time now.  The progress has been very promising and we are looking forward to sharing screenshots and feature / change explanations in the near future.  As we have not posted an update yet I wanted to share a couple of the major features that have been completed.

Here are a couple of the major new updates that have been done already for 3.0:

  • Views
    Create custom views, share them with users, and fully control what shows up for each view.  This replaces the old open or closed ticket lists
  • Automation
    Without going into great detail (at this time) I can tell you that automation is going to be the heart of 3.0 and the potential uses and benefits for every users will be great.  Simply put it allows you to automate most parts of your help desk in a very customizable manner.
  • Service Level Agreements
    Ability to setup SLAs with working schedules, SLA actions, SLA plans, etc.. along with generating SLA reports.
  • Billing Logging & Reports
    A very popular feature request has been added.  Ability to have tickets billable, log billable hours per ticket, etc..
  • Due Dates
    Ability to set due dates, actions when a due date is not met, etc..
  • Companies
    Can be thought of as public user groups.  Have company members auto-join into setup companies, manage company users, etc..
  • Updates
    Instead of “announcements” we have created an updates feature where you can post updates (similar to a blog view) and your users can see updates when visiting your help desk.
  • Troubleshooters
    While we did have troubleshooters in version 2 we have changed how you create them (to be much easier) along with a number of options for when they reach the end of a series of questions.
  • ActiveCampaign Knowledge Management
    As with version 2.0 we are including the knowledge mgmt/knowledge base application as a free module of the help desk software.  The new improved integration allows us to have the latest version of the kb product always integrated (where as in version 2.0 there was a delay when we released a kb update for it to be included in the help desk)

Those are just a couple of the hundreds of new features and changes made with help desk 3.0.  In the near future we will begin to post specific features & screenshots to give you a better idea of everything that ActiveCampaign Help Desk 3.0 has to offer.

Regarding the release date - we do not have a set date at this time.  Product quality is our top concern.  Once internal development and testing has completed we will announce the beta (for current clients) along with upgrading our own help desk.

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  • Argos

    Hi, Still missing the MOST important thing, that is to enable a group of users to access some articles on the KB module, and other group of members access to other articles. Like an Access Control List for each article I publish based on groups of “subscriptors”, members/users. That should be a great update if I can let some users see private articles of the products they bought to us, other users who bought another products read ONLY their articles, and all people can read public articles. I also hope you can have a feature so that I could password protect some articles, so I could let people who knows that password, to read them (like a hash for sharing ticketing system links).

  • @argos

    That could be accomplished already using desks and similar options will be in 3.0. This list (in this blog post) is NOT a complete list at all. This post just highlights a couple features to be included.

  • Our Support contract has expired, so this means that we cannot obtain 3.0 and this is sad, we purchased a 2 year agreement because we were told that it would be released in December 2009, thus giving us enough time.

    Sounds like some awesome software coming, Wish we could take advantage.

  • @Jason

    Email with your license information and I can look into your account and see what we can do for ya.

  • Argos

    Desks and similar features… that sounds promising!

  • How about building all in one software like Kayako Client Support suite. It will be a great help for a client like us to deal with one company only.

  • Jason

    With our help desk & live chat software used together there really is no advantage to that solution.

  • I have recently purchased the current version of Supporttrio and I am really impressed as always by the quality of your software. I am looking forward to the release of 3.0, keep up the good work!

  • Jason

    Some more details are posted at (

    If you have not already – please signup from that page if you wish to be included in the beta testing.

  • Help Desk 3.0 BETA is now available for download at: