Using Guest’d for iPad / iPhone signup forms

Whether you’re strolling expo halls or attending a local music show an increasingly common trend you’ll see is tablet devices set out on tables be used to sign up customers to a mailing list.

This is something we’ve heard from many of our customers that you’d like to see added to ActiveCampaign. Well, I’m happy to say thanks to our new auto-sync integrations there is already a great solution available today that works very well with our platform.

That solution is a iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch running an app called Guest’d.


Guest’d allows you to build a simple custom form for your iOS device. These forms look great and can include as many fields as you’d like while also using custom imagery / branding.

Glancing through Guest’d you’ll notice however that ActiveCampaign support is not listed directly. A simple workaround is to choose Guest’d’s Google Drive support to have it add your new contacts right to a Google Spreadsheet.

From there you can enable the Google Spreadsheet Automatic Import, tell it to use the same spreadsheet Guest’d is using and voila! You now have a beautiful custom form for use on your iPad that will automatically add to your ActiveCampaign lists.


Guest’d is available for just $9.99 on Apple’s App store.¬†While we think this is great and it does work flawlessly, we’ve reached out to Guest’d to have them add direct support for ActiveCampaign in the future. If you like Guest’d and want to encourage them to add official support,¬†let them know directly.

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  • Mark Smithivas

    Does Guest’d work offline too? $10 is steep. You should build your own version of this and offer it free to your customers. :)

    • jvandeboom

      Guest’d does work offline. It will simply sync up once a network connection is available. We have entertained the idea of having our own app for this but have no immediate plans to develop that.

      • Tom

        Considering that all of these apps that I can find in the app store work with most of your competitors I think you need to take a serious look into doing so.

        I have just put an email into Guest’d asking if they ever integrated AC… I do not see it on their site.