Level Up Your Payment Solution to Drive Growth With Mollie + ActiveCampaign

This post was contributed by ActiveCampaign partner, Mollie.

Payments are a crucial component of all businesses. After all, every company has to earn money to survive. A payment service provider (PSP) is there to help companies make accepting payments as easy as possible. They allow businesses to offer a wide selection of payment methods quickly, take care of the entire payment process, and help them remain fully regulatory compliant. An exceptional PSP should go one step further, offering advanced features, seamless and up-to-date integrations with other software, and local support that guides them to growth.

Trusted by more than 130,000 businesses and one of Europe’s fastest-growing PSPs, Mollie provides an effortless payment solution to help all online businesses to grow. With Mollie, companies can access 25+ international and European payment methods, boost sales with a conversion-optimised checkout, and benefit from a range of powerful plugins and advanced features. All with transparent pricing and no lock-in contracts or hidden fees.

With Mollie, you can automatically sync customer payment information and actions on ActiveCampaign and:

  1. Stay relevant to your audience
    Whether your customers buy, subscribe or their trial period ends, you want your message to stand out, seizing the chance to establish a relationship. Send them personalized emails and show true customer love.
  2. Increase your checkout conversion and boost loyalty
    Help your customers finalize their purchase or engage with them after the checkout. Complete your customers’ buying cycle and create the right message for each trigger—at the right time—in an automated fashion.
  3. Get your customers’ profiles automatically updated
    Whenever your customers complete a purchase, miss a subscription payment, or ask for a refund, their data automatically maps to ActiveCampaign and a customer profile gets created or an existing one updated.

Invest in the right payment service provider

As ecommerce evolves, shoppers expect a seamless experience when buying online. The payment process is a vital part of that journey. By offering a seamless and frictionless experience, you can help visitors feel confident to buy—increasing conversion. Research shows that 56% of shoppers want to see multiple payment methods when checking out. That means you need to provide the payment methods customers prefer, simplify your checkout flow, and offer advanced security.

Partnering with the right payment service provider can be crucial to driving business growth. A good PSP can help you quickly provide your customers’ preferred payment methods and a seamless checkout to increase conversions. Nearly 20% of shoppers have abandoned a cart due to a complicated checkout process.

The best PSPs, though, act as a partner to help you on your journey to growth. By partnering with the right PSP, you can convert more shoppers and deliver great customer experiences. This way, you can save time and resources that would be otherwise needed to learn and integrate the right online payment technology within your existing stack.

How Mollie can help your business grow

At Mollie, we offer businesses an effortless payment product with a seamless checkout and multiple payment methods to boost conversion. Easily integrate Mollie with your website and onboard quickly with no minimum costs, no lock-in contracts, and no hidden fees.

  • 25+ local and global payment methods
  • Improved conversion with a seamless checkout and Mollie Components
  • Seamless chargebacks, re-orders, and cancellations
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees and no lock-in contracts
  • Human, multilingual support teams 
  • Easily manage payments with the Mollie Dashboard
  • Localisation features to boost conversion

“We don’t want to have to worry about payments: we want good rates, great support, and to offer everything that our customers need. Mollie helps us do that.”

Tim Imminga, Rosefield.

“Refund queries have decreased by 90% since we started with Mollie. We’ve reduced the time taken to refund customers by two business days. It’s made a huge impact on the business.”

Esther van Bezooijen, LaDress.

Mollie & ActiveCampaign for growth acceleration

With the Mollie ActiveCampaign integration, you get effortless payment features that help you enrich your customer experiences and boost sales.

Once connected to ActiveCampaign, Mollie can automatically sync customer payment information, engage your customers throughout the buying cycle and beyond to increase conversion, reduce churn, and deliver exceptional customer experiences to boost brand loyalty. 

Create new customer contacts automatically and reach them with personalised messages: whether your customers buy, subscribe, or their trial period ends, make your message stand out and establish a trusting relationship with them by sending them personalised emails and showing them true customer love.

Increase checkout conversion and boost loyalty: help your customers finalise their purchase or engage with them after they checkout. Refine your customers’ buying cycles and send the right message at the right time.

Save time by automatically updating your customers’ profiles: whenever a customer completes a purchase, cancels a subscription, or asks for a refund, automatically synchronise their data and ActiveCampaign customer profile.

Get started today

Leveling up your payments will help you increase sales and drive your business’s growth. Use Mollie with ActiveCampaign to deliver higher conversions, happier customers, and better results than ever before.

Easily sync Mollie data with ActiveCampaign
Have Mollie trigger automations based on a number of conditions

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