Growing Our Sales and Customer Success Teams to Better Support Our Customers

Growing Our Sales and Customer Success Teams to Better Support Our Customers

As you may have read in our 2018 Year in Review, ActiveCampaign has grown a lot in the last year.

We have tremendous gratitude for our customers who have chosen us as the platform to orchestrate their customer experiences and help them fuel the growth of their businesses. In 2018 alone, we added tens of thousands of customers, putting us over 60,000 customers around the globe.

With all of that growth, we’ve had to scale our teams across the board, my focus has been on our sales and customer success teams. As we reach more customers and launch new products, we need to add to our sales and customer success teams so we can help more businesses leverage ActiveCampaign to drive growth for their business.

In 2018, we doubled our sales and customer success teams to support our continued growth and the launch of new products, including Conversations, which is in private beta. We’ve got big plans for ActiveCampaign 2019, and beyond, which means we’ll need to continue to grow our team, with plans to add another 70 sales and success team members this year to support our current and future customers.

This growth of the team is exciting for me, not only to see us helping so many customers, but growing the individuals on our team. We’ve had team members join as their first job out of college who closing the first deals of their career; individual contributors who we’ve become leaders; sales people who’ve joined our customer success teams; and more. As we make our customers successful, we see more success as a business; as we see success as a business, our team members, and their careers, are made more successful. We are looking for intelligent, curious, motivated people who can help current and future customers of ActiveCampaign achieve great things.

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