Grow Your B2B Business With Sales Engagement Automation

Grow Your B2B Business With Sales Engagement Automation

When we think of B2B businesses, we know one thing to be absolutely true – relationships are important and drive business growth. But, building relationships can be difficult when your customers are receiving different messages from sales and marketing teams. You want to make your customers feel like they are important to your business and that you are paying attention to their needs. When they receive different messages from your company, they often feel that you’re disengaged and don’t care enough to nurture them as a customer. 

So, how do we ensure our customers are feeling the love AND make your sales team more efficient? Enter sales engagement automation, the latest solution from ActiveCampaign that can take your relationships with your customers to the next level. 

Sales engagement automation takes data from every sales and marketing touchpoint and allows you to send the message at the right time in the right channel to your customers. Find all the details in our announcement here. 

Now, let’s talk about what sales engagement automation means for B2B and how you can use it to create, improve or maintain your relationships with your customers, all while making your sales teams more efficient with automation.

  • Make your customers feel unique with 1:1 emails – Sending individual emails as a sales rep can take a lot of time, and we only have so many hours in the day. Utilize 1:1 email automations to send a personal email through your connect accounts (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.) and customize them even further by using tags and hyperlinks. 
  • Put your entire tech stack to work – ActiveCampaign is proud to integrate with 870+ apps – like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Google – which puts your B2B customers rich data in your hands. Use this data to get a complete understanding of your customers and communicate with them where they are at.
  • Be a value added partner – Become a partner by providing value adds to your customers and become their trusted resource – that can look like educational information, customer service, and resources to help them solve their challenges. 
  • Be consistent – Customers don’t want to receive a fantastic relationship building email from sales after a few great conversations and then a generic ‘Thanks for considering us’ email from marketing. Talk about bad timing and inconsistent messaging. Instead, make sure that your integrated engagement strategy across both sales and marketing is intact and building confidence with your customers. 

With the year rapidly coming to an end, take a minute to evaluate how you are engaging with your customers, make a plan to enhance that engagement, and consider how automating it can not only create a better customer experience, but also how it can make your teams more efficient going into the new year! A more efficient sales team = more time to nurture relationships. Nurturing relationships = business growth.

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