Goals Webinar Recording Available Now

Kelly O’Connell, one of our excellent Customer Success Managers, recently did a webinar on our new Goals feature. In case you missed it, you can watch it here:

The Goals feature is one of our more complex features — it isn’t necessarily obvious what it does or how to apply it in your marketing. This can make it intimidating, but it’s one of the most powerful and useful marketing automation features we’ve released this year. Almost everyone would benefit from using Goals.

Never fear, let Kelly guide you in the best ways to implement Goals. In this webinar, Kelly dissects the feature: what it is, what it’s good for, and best practices for getting the most out of it. Kelly delves into a particular use case: using the Goals feature for event marketing. She covers nurturing prospects to attend, reminding registrants before the event, and providing follow up messages based on if the contacts attended or not. She creates an example automation that you can import here and use to follow along with the webinar:


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  • Gregory Kalinin

    Kelly, thank you for this. Your video / webinar makes it so clear. Love how using Goals streamlines the process and makes it easier to get conversion metrics!

  • Edward Haskins

    Would be cool if vimeo Full Screen Mode was enabled.

    • Yep, it would be useful.

    • Brian Gladu

      Hi Ed – You can view it in fullscreen if you clickthrough to Vimeo.

      • Greg Stillman

        Thx Brian!

      • Lisa Rothstein

        If you have a macbook you can just enlarge the screen :-)

  • Greg Stillman

    Ditto “Ed Haskins Comment… if you could enable “full screen” option in the vimeo player… would really help to see the detail on screen… (& well done Kelly!)

  • Awesome. Great session Kelly.

  • Nick Bijl

    This was great Kelly, thanks!

    I do have 1 question though:

    How do goals work in relation to automations running multiple times?

    Let’s say I want to deliver a lead magnet to people filling in a form, and I have a goal set for engagement (clicking on the link to the LM), because I want only engaged contacts to receive the follow-up content. If after a reminder, they remain unengaged, the automation ends.

    The second goal in the automation, following the content emails, is a purchase (triggered when the “customer” tag is applied).

    This should work just fine when contacts only opt-in once.

    But I also want contacts who’ve previously requested the LM to be able to get it again when they re-submit the form on a later date. (So I set the trigger to “Runs multiple times”.)

    So I’ve added a if/else condition *immediately after the LM delivery email*, that checks if the contact has either the “requested LM” tag (that I apply on the other branch on the first run through) or the “customer” tag. If they have either of those, the automation ends immediately. If they don’t the automation continues.

    This is great in theory, but only works if the goals aren’t triggered the moment a contact submits the form for a second time, just because they were achieved earlier.

    How does this work?

    I hope I’m making sense btw, lol.


    • Kelly O’Connell

      Hi Nick –

      I’m glad you enjoyed the session! For your use case I would do the following:

      One automation with start trigger of Submits Form with a segment applied of “Tag Does Not Exist Customer”. This would be the automation you have currently with the emails nurturing the contact to purchase.

      A second automation with start trigger of Submits Form with a segment of “Tag Does Exist Customer” that runs multiple times and sends them the lead magnet email.

      This way, any customers who resubmit the form continue to get the lead magnet, but aren’t affected in any way by your goal in the nurturing automation.

      Let me know if this makes sense, or if you have any questions!

      • Nick Bijl

        Thanks Kelly, that makes perfect sense!

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  • Lisa Rothstein

    THIS IS AWESOME. I love the way you teach. I get it!