Get to Know Your Customer Day: 5 Ways to Personalize Customer Connections

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“Get to Know Your Customer Day” happens on the third Thursday of every quarter (January, April, July, October) and is a great reminder to reach out and let your customers know how important they are to you. Keeping in contact with your customers builds trust and shows that you value their business. Now, it’s easier than ever to observe this day and develop deeper relationships with your customers.

All week we’ve been providing you with ideas for getting to know your customers just a little better. If you missed it, here are all of those tips in detail.

  1. Use social media to connect with customers

One of the most important things in marketing is to make sure that people get messages that are relevant. Not just to where they live, but to their interests and where they are in their customer journey.

Every detail about a contact is a way to segment them into targeted audiences. When the right messages reach the right people, you see a lot more customer engagement and sales.

One way to send certain messages to a specific audience is to use a Facebook Custom Audience. And you can easily add contacts to Facebook Custom Audiences after they subscribe to one of your lists.

Henry Reith, COO at Oh Crap uses Facebook Custom Audiences in their ActiveCampaign automations to further educate their Oh Crap “family” about the Oh Crap mission to eradicate non-compostable poo bags from the landfill.

“We can do a lot of subtle marketing by using that Facebook integration with ActiveCampaign. It has completely changed the way we do marketing, allowing our emails to be family to family. We don’t have to sell so hard in the email, because they’ve recently seen us on Facebook.” –Henry Reith, COO at Oh Crap

To make the most of your Facebook integration with ActiveCampaign, try the Add Contact to Facebook Audience After Subscribing Automation Recipe!


  1. Build better profiles for better engagement

If you’re taking the time to get to know your customers, but not keeping the information you learn, you’re missing an opportunity. Make sure that when you get to know your customers, you remember what you learn. You can use that information to create an engaging experience for your customers.

A crucial part of that personalized experience is understanding where each client is in their journey. With ActiveCampaign, Your Income Space Co-Founders Ashley and Brett Noble are able use what they learned about their customers to segment their lists. With those segments, they can communicate with their audience using content that is meaningful and timely for them.

“We quickly realized that it’s about communicating with our audience, how we segment our audience, and that we speak to them personally based on their behaviors and their actions.” – Ashley Noble, Co-founder of Your Income Space

To give the best customer experience, your messaging should be relevant to each contact that you send to. But how do you categorize a list of hundreds (or even thousands) of new contacts after they submit your online form?

Consider creating contact segments with tags based on their answers in a form’s custom fields. That way, you can speak more personally to people with similar tags.

Similar to the automation above, by using the Form Personalization Follow-up automation recipe, you can use tagging to create an authentic experience for your customers by using their individual answers in an automated, personalized email.

  1. Celebrate what’s important to them

A simple way to celebrate your customers is by collecting and remembering dates that are important to them. Once you have your customer’s birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates, you can help them feel celebrated by adding a coupon automation to your coupon marketing strategy.

This automation helps you celebrate customers on a specific date, like their birthday or the anniversary of them signing up with you.

You can use this birthday and anniversary coupon email automation to send your customers…

  • Birthday wishes
  • Birthday rewards
  • Birthday promotions
  • An anniversary email
  • Loyalty promotions
  • Special birthday offers
  • Anniversary coupons

…all of which reward customers and build customer loyalty.

  1. Get to know who your customers know

When contacts refer their circles to your business, they’re rewarding you with new business. Why not reward them in kind?

Word of mouth and peer approval are powerful marketing tools that can’t be budgeted for or purchased. It happens when a contact enjoys your product so much that they advocate for it to their social circles. Rewarding these contacts shows that their business and support matters to you.

ActiveCampaign has an automation recipe that uses Xoxoday Plum’s powerful integration to send a reward to your contact. The automation is triggered when the contact forwards your specified referral email.

Here’s how this automation works:

1. The contact enters the automation when they forward your specified email.

2. The contact reaches the CX Apps Xoxoday Plum action and a specified reward is sent to the contact.


  1. Ask for their opinion

People love giving feedback, and that feedback is used in so many different ways. Whether your business is a physical location, online, or a hybrid of both, listening and responding to your customers is what sets you apart from your competitors. Gathering feedback from your customers helps you gain valuable insight that enables you to better understand different customer groups, spot trends early, and best of all, get feedback on new product ideas.

In the case of CLIMB Digital Business, working on behalf of, a UK based marine maintenance store, discovering a new revenue stream was as simple as asking customers what type of boat they owned, revealing two totally new segments they weren’t expecting.

“For one of my clients in the marine industry, we send all new customers an email with the subject line “I’m curious…”. We ask them what type of boat they own – which helps segment the list. It’s my highest performing email campaign, with a 68% open rate and 50% response rate…” – Dai Jones, CLIMB Digital Business.

Here are a just few ways to gather feedback during the customer lifecycle:

If you can imagine it, you can automate it, and we probably have a recipe for that! Choose from over 500 recipes in the ActiveCampaign Automation Recipe library.

We even have some industry-specific recipes:

And integration based ones:

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