Tags are a flexible way to segment your customers, and let you stay organized without having to create more lists than you can easily keep track of. They can also tell you a lot about who your customers are and what’s trending in your audience. 

That’s why we’re introducing the Tag Report, a new report that gives you an overview of how your tags are trending. With information like the number of contacts a tag has been applied to over time, or the tag that was most used within a specific timeframe, you can uncover patterns in your customers’ behavior—and use that knowledge to inform how you market and sell to specific customer segments.

The Tag Report is now available on all ActiveCampaign plans.

Get an overview of what’s trending

The improved Tag Report makes metrics like the most added tag, and tags added within a custom date range, easily viewable—so you can see what’s trending, and drill down into the performance of specific tags. 

Open the report and see the number of contacts you’ve added all of your tags to over time, the average number of tags added per day, and your most-used tags within a custom timeframe.

You can also drill down into individual tags to see how many contacts you’ve added a tag to over time, and how it stacks up to your other tags. Use tags to group customers according to their interests, behavior, or location. Then look at your tag reporting to see if more of your customers are located in Chicago, Indianapolis, or Detroit—and learn where you should host your next event.

Identify your fastest-growing customer segments

Tags can show you where an upswing is happening, and help you understand what you’ve done recently to grow a particular segment of your customer base.

If you’re adding a “Loyalty Program”  tag every time a contact submits the form to join your new loyalty program, you can see when those tags are being applied and get a sense of how fast your program is growing—and whether last month’s marketing may have contributed to an upswing in new members.

Or, if you tag based on product interest, you can use the Tag Report to quickly see which product is most popular with first-time customers. 

Share insights with the rest of your team

Download the table at the bottom of your tag report page to pull tag information and share what’s trending with your team.

The downloadable table includes each tag’s name, the total number of contacts with each tag, the number of contacts each tag was applied to within a custom date range, and the average number of contacts receiving a tag per day within that date range.