GEO Location Data Now Available

We recently updated all accounts to capture the geographic location data of your subscribers.  This means you can now see your subscribers Country, State/Region, City, Postal Code, and Area Code.

The geographic location data is collected automatically whenever your subscribers interact with your list and is free for all accounts.

View your subscribers location and travel history

When viewing an individual subscriber you will have access to their GEO location data right next to all of your other subscriber data fields.  Additionally you will now see a map just under the subscribers photo.  Clicking the map will show you a history of where that subscriber has traveled following by where we have determined that they live.

Send to specific geographic regions with list segmenting

Want to send a campaign to subscribers within a specific Country, Region, and/or City?  When creating a segment you now have full geographic location options for segmenting your list.

Personalize campaigns with GEO data

You can personalize your campaigns with geographic location data just like you can personalize with your subscribers name, email, and custom fields.  Simply click “Personalize” and select the data you would like to show in your campaign.

Create conditional content for specific GEO locations

Within a campaign you can create conditional content for different countries, regions, combinations of geographic location data, and more.

For example a sports store could send out a promo with a specific offer based on the state of the subscriber.  The single campaign could have different content (and discount codes) for subscribers in Illinois (promoting Bears gear) and for subscribers in Wisconsin (promoting Packers gear)

More on the way…

We already have plans to push our GEO capabilities and reporting to a whole different level.  Including some new segmenting options, list & campaign based map reports, and more.  If you have any suggestions be sure to let us know!


Please note: Due to some licensing reasons this feature is not available with the downloaded version of ActiveCampaign (that runs on your own equipment/servers)

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  • Jamestrix

    While it might not be available for the downloaded version at least give us the option of being able to pick if we want to go out and purchase a license for the 3rd party data service if we want to use this servic

    • jvandeboom

      Yup – that’s the plan at some point in the future.

      • Bartosz Swietochowski

        Hello, Jason when will you make geoip available in downloaded version. I’ve searched code and db of em and i find some parts of code for geoip. Is there some posibility to run this function over our side with 3rd party geoip data provider?

        • Eugeni

          I have the same question.  Is there some posibility to run this function over our side with 3rd party geoip data provider?

          • jvandeboom

            Not at this time

        • jvandeboom

          We do not have any specific plans or date at this time — although we have and will continue to explore some options with that in the future.

  • Eugeni

    Very great!
    How many days will this travel history be stored?

    • jvandeboom

      We are currently storing all activity ever done.

  • Jamestrix

    @jvandeboom:disqus  Sounds good can’t wait to see some thing like this in the download product (my only other hope that it can use maxminds geoip service as we all ready hold a license for this)

    •  I agree with Jamestrix. I too hope we can use maxminds geoip service. It would make everything much easier.

  • Great post ! Very useful and informative !

  • Daniel Gomes

    Unfortunately the latest updates of software features are on top of the hosted version. customers who bought the downloaded version are extremely prejudiced. I hope that the active campaign team can review it.

    • Johnny

      yes, I agree with that.

    •  Strongly Agree with you.

  • Julian

    How accurate is the geo data? How does it identify where the contact is located?

    • Brian Gladu

      We use a contact’s IP address to determine their location. So, it’s very accurate as long as their IP address reflects their actual location.

  • Sergio Franco

    Is there a way to make an automation to send an email automaticly when someone arrives to a specific country?

    • Brian Gladu

      Hi Sergio! Yes, there is. The trigger would be “Web page is visited,” Then, you’d create a segment on the trigger for the country. That way, the automation only runs when someone is visiting from that country. Of course, for this to work you’d need to have Site Tracking set up. Let me know if you have any other questions about how to make this work. I’m here to help.

      • Sergio Franco

        Thanks for your help

  • Shlomo Thamir

    How can i retrieve country and geo data from activecampaign and pass it with Zapier or post it to another CRM i am using?
    What are the names of the fields?
    I know: email, fullname, phone, so what is the name of the fields: Country, State, City?

    • Hi Shlomo,

      Unfortunately we don’t expose a contact’s location in webhooks, so that isn’t something that is possible. You could create custom fields and populate those yourself though.

      • Shlomo Thamir

        Ok, Thanks

  • Is there a report with the list demographic by country?