GEO Location Data Now Available

GEO Location Data Now Available

We recently updated all accounts to capture the geographic location data of your subscribers.  This means you can now see your subscribers Country, State/Region, City, Postal Code, and Area Code.
The geographic location data is collected automatically whenever your subscribers interact with your list and is free for all accounts.

View your subscribers location and travel history

When viewing an individual subscriber you will have access to their GEO location data right next to all of your other subscriber data fields.  Additionally you will now see a map just under the subscribers photo.  Clicking the map will show you a history of where that subscriber has traveled following by where we have determined that they live.

Send to specific geographic regions with list segmenting

Want to send a campaign to subscribers within a specific Country, Region, and/or City?  When creating a segment you now have full geographic location options for segmenting your list.
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Personalize campaigns with GEO data

You can personalize your campaigns with geographic location data just like you can personalize with your subscribers name, email, and custom fields.  Simply click “Personalize” and select the data you would like to show in your campaign.
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Create conditional content for specific GEO locations

Within a campaign you can create conditional content for different countries, regions, combinations of geographic location data, and more.
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For example a sports store could send out a promo with a specific offer based on the state of the subscriber.  The single campaign could have different content (and discount codes) for subscribers in Illinois (promoting Bears gear) and for subscribers in Wisconsin (promoting Packers gear)

More on the way…

We already have plans to push our GEO capabilities and reporting to a whole different level.  Including some new segmenting options, list & campaign based map reports, and more.  If you have any suggestions be sure to let us know!
Please note: Due to some licensing reasons this feature is not available with the downloaded version of ActiveCampaign (that runs on your own equipment/servers)

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