How Automation & Lead Scoring Generate More Qualified Leads

How Automation & Lead Scoring Generate More Qualified Leads

This post was contributed by Dennis Veldhuis of Bambuu.

A newsletter is a simple way to keep both leads and customers updated about new features or promotions. It helps your business push certain messages to a specific audience.

You also can generate valuable contacts from your newsletter with automation and lead scoring. Let’s discuss how to nurture leads and generate valuable contacts.

Get Lead Data With Newsletter Automation

A newsletter automation qualifies your contacts in ActiveCampaign. It can serve as an important moment of contact for subscribers that are still in the early stages of the buyer journey.

A subscription form for your newsletter is the starting point. It offers your contacts information on potential solutions to their problem, your product, and valuable market insights.

After a visitor submits a newsletter form, you’ll send them an email right away to confirm their subscription to your mailing list. We advise using a real employee’s name as the sender of the email.

Besides the confirmation, you also should use this opportunity to give more information, like a white paper download, your most-read blog post, or a link to your social media accounts.

After the first email is sent, you can start to enrich the contact’s data by sending them one more email. We encourage contacts to provide more personal information to tailor the content of future emails to their interests and, thereby, preventing spammy emails. So, the second email in this automation could say the following:

To provide you with the most relevant information, please tell us your interests. By doing so, we can provide you with the most relevant information.

How do you do that? Easy. Fill in this short form to express your interests, and we will send you only relevant emails in the future.

If the form is not submitted right away, you can use Goals in ActiveCampaign to prevent the reminder from being sent to contacts that already submitted the form.

ActiveCampaign goals generate warm leads

Gain Warm Leads With Lead Scoring

Enrich contacts that subscribe to your newsletter is just step one. Combining automation with lead scoring is the next step.

How? You’ll create a couple of automations that reward contacts with points, based on their engagement:

  • 2 points for opening an email
  • 4 points for clicking a link in an email
  • 15 points for downloading a document (e.g. whitepaper, ebook)
  • 5 points for a website visit with 5+ pages
  • 10 points for 5+ website visits

Lead scoring can provide your sales department with warm leads. Create a new automation, and as a trigger action, select Score Changes. Then, you set the trigger to Score changes above 50. Now, you create a notification that sends contact information to the sales department.

ActiveCampaign automation generate warm leads
A PipeDrive integration that adds warm leads to the CRM and creates a ‘to do’ for the sales team.

Nurture Your Newsletter Subscribers

Automation and lead scoring help you nurture your newsletter subscribers. The subscription indicates the visitor’s interest in your company and products.

So, take advantage of this interest by enriching their data. By using lead scoring, you’ll add an extra layer that indicates warm leads that are ready for the next step in your sales cycle.

Want to start right away? Download this nurture automation.

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