Here’s What Gameball’s Integration with ActiveCampaign Means for You

Here’s What Gameball’s Integration with ActiveCampaign Means for You

This post was contributed by Nada Sobhi of Gameball.

Email marketing helps businesses across the globe by supporting their needs across multiple funnels.

Statistics show that the number of daily email users around the globe was 3.9 billion in 2019. That figure is expected to grow to 4.48 billion by 2024, according to Statista.

That’s a big number and one worthy of leveraging in your email marketing. In 2019, US businesses alone spent nearly $350 million on email advertising. (Statista)

Now add in a gamified loyalty experience and you can engage your customers, drive better sales, and build long-term relationships with them.

The Gameball-ActiveCampaign integration helps you accomplish this.

What is Gameball?

Gameball is software that helps businesses retain customers through loyalty and rewards programs. Gameball provides e-commerce businesses with services to help them attract new customers, retain old ones, and increase their revenues.

These services include:

  • Gamified Loyalty programs (including cashback, badges, and levels)
  • Referral programs
  • Customized triggered pop-ups

Businesses can easily integrate Gameball with their online store or website, and with platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento store, or via a point-of-sale (POS) system.

How Gameball works

Businesses want customers who will buy from them regularly. Not those who will drop in once and disappear. As a loyalty program software, Gameball helps businesses boost their customer retention.

Businesses that offer a loyalty program for their customers often generate revenues 2.5 times faster than their competition, according to data by the Harvard Business Review.

In addition, a loyalty program’s top performers are 77% more likely to choose your brand over your competitors.

At the same time, customers love rewards. They like to see that their money doesn’t just go into the business’s pockets but can generate points for them that they can reuse later as rewards.

By using Gameball, businesses can:

  • Drive traffic
  • Increase engagement
  • Build relationships
  • Get customers to refer others in exchange for points
  • Excite customers through challenges, where customers can get double points after performing certain requirements designed by the store or business owner

And the use of Gameball gets even better with our ActiveCampaign integration.

The Gameball-ActiveCampaign Integration

Once a customer integrates Gameball with ActiveCampaign (or vice versa), Gameball will send ActiveCampaign specific data (called “attributes”) like:

  • Customer ID
  • Join date
  • What level they are in
  • How many points they have

6ohv1sdhx image2021 03 15at2.21.49pmAdding ActiveCampaign through the Gameball Dashboard.

Business owners who use Gameball can send emails through Gameball for certain achievements like milestones achieved or new levels reached.However, they can’t customize different types of emails they send to customers through Gameball only. They also can’t create sequences through Gameball.

But they can do that through ActiveCampaign.

In other words, if a business wants to send customized emails, they can do so through the integration with ActiveCampaign. Personalized emails deliver as much as 6x higher transaction rates. (Experian)

Personalization through email marketing comes with real data that helps business owners get more bang for their buck. And that’s where the Gameball-ActiveCampaign integration comes in.

The integration helps Gameball customers enjoy the benefits of email marketing while also supporting ActiveCampaign subscribers and business owners offer more to their customers through points and rewards.

4 ways to use Gameball and ActiveCampaign

Now that you know what email marketing can do for you, let’s see the Gameball-ActiveCampaign integration in action.

We’ll be showing 4 use cases for this integration. Of course, you can come up with your own ideas or request help at any time from Gameball’s Help Center.

In a loyalty program, customers accumulate points from purchases and actions they make. Through the integration, it doesn’t have to be all-purchases. There are multiple ways that customers can get points that they can later redeem for vouchers, discounts, or complimentary services.

Use Case #1: Segmenting customers based on attributes through Gameball

Once a business integrates Gameball and ActiveCampaign some of the information is shared between the two platforms.

In Gameball, customers are called “Players” because of the gamified experience we provide. The information that the business uses for segments, are called “attributes.”

Businesses can then segment these customers based on certain attributes like their current reward level. Through Gameball, you can tier customers based on how much they have spent on your platform. The more they spend, the higher their level or tier.

When this data is shared with ActiveCampaign, you can target customers in each level differently based on their purchasing history.

mq6se837 2of5After the user integrates Gameball and ActiveCampaign, the data is migrated to ActiveCampaign through the integration. This is the user’s view from the ActiveCampaign dashboard.

You can also share special discount coupons by email for different types of customers at each level.

Business owners can segment their customers based on a variety of Gameball attributes and begin launching email sequences for the attributes they choose.

Use Case #2: Create an automation scenario based on attributes

Gameball shares customers’ points balances with ActiveCampaign. Every time a customer or a player earns points, Gameball sends an automated email notification to the customer.

However, if a business would like to create an automated sequence for customers based on their points, they’ll need ActiveCampaign to do that.

Let’s say Andrea has zero points while Joe has 8,000 points. The business can put Andrea and people like her who have low balance of points into a segment with a certain automation scenario to educate them on how they can earn more points.

For example, the email sequence can include information about badges they can easily win and how they can make more points through referrals by just sharing their referral link with friends.

On the other hand, the business can put Joe and customers like him who have an average balance of points in an automation scenario showcasing their best selling items as well as their on sale items. In this scenario, the business is trying to drive more sales by encouraging their customers to spend their points and complete purchases, which will also make Joe and similar customers win more points.

Other attributes include buyers of a certain product segment within the store or customers of a certain age or customers who have a pet and so on.

These email automation scenarios can be done through Gameball’s integration with ActiveCampaign.

Use Case #3: Send more personalized emails

Here the business can customize how they address and reach out to customers.

For example, if Mark won a badge called Electronic-Shopaholic, the business can address them with “Electronic-Shopaholic” or “Electronic-Shopaholic Mark.” They can also launch an email sequence for Mark and other customers who won this badge for being frequent buyers of electronics.

This is all based on a variety of customer data that ActiveCampaign gets from Gameball.

This is also applicable to other commonly-earned badges. A business can launch a personalized email sequence to customers who recently won the anniversary badge or birthday badge.

Businesses can use the data shared between Gameball and ActiveCampaign to segment customers and create personalized email sequences for each segment. This can include discount sequences, upselling sequences, or other kinds of automated sequences for customers.

Use Case #4: Open and engage with emails and get points

This was an interesting use case that we particularly loved. One of ActiveCampaign’s users decided to use Gameball’s points-system in a totally new and creative way.

The business owner, who runs an online training and courses business, created an email sequence that allowed potential customers to accumulate points to use as a discount in the final email of the sequence.

They did this by offering their customers and readers the chance to get points in exchange for opening and engaging with their emails.

idk7m5seq caseno.4Here the customer/user has configured ActiveCampaign and Gameball. The customer/user creates a challenge on the Gameball dashboard to reward players for clicking links.

For every email their customers opened, they got points. And for every time those customers clicked the links inside the email, they got more points.

Once the sequence was done, customers could use those free points to get a discount on new trainings offered.

Suffice to say we loved this!

Tracking analytics between Gameball and ActiveCampaign

Analytics and tracking are an important step for any business working in e-commerce or managing an online business.

Through the Gameball and ActiveCampaign integration, customers can see how their email efforts are performing through ActiveCampaign’s dashboard and, at the same time, offer rewards to their customers based on this data.

For example, and looking at use case #4, the customer who sent out sequences and awarded points for engagement could track their open and click-through-rates via ActiveCampaign. At the same time, the attribute that they were awarding points to would be “email opens and clicks.”

In this case, ActiveCampaign sends the data to Gameball so that Gameball can reward customers with points.

It’s your turn to give your customers a personalized and gamified experience

Building loyalty among your customers helps create customer retention, which in turn translates into fewer marketing expenses and higher sales.
Establishing a solid relationship with your customers is key to creating a long-lasting experience for them and boosting your sales.

Customers who like you, your business, and the service you offer will keep coming back. And these are the type of customers you want.

There are many ways to do that but one of them is to use tools you already have. Both ActiveCampaign and Gameball are about personalization and customers love it when they feel that they are being selected for something special.

Whether you choose to merely include your customer’s name in the subject line and body of the email or choose to take personalization further by segmenting your customers is up to you – but the more personalization, the better

You want to build a long-term relationship, so taking the time to support your customers and earn their trust goes a long way towards reaching that goal.

Start adding a flavor of personalization and discover what you can do with ActiveCampaign and Gameball.

You can visit Gameball’s Help Center to know how to easily integrate the two platforms together to get the most out of them.

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