6 Free Marketing Tools: Our Holiday Gift to You

6 Free Marketing Tools: Our Holiday Gift to You

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. When you have to solve the same day-to-day problems over and over again, it can take time away from doing what you do best: growing your business.

That’s why we’ve created 6 free marketing tools to help your business thrive. (Consider it our gift to you this holiday season.)

These 6 tools help you…

  • Plan ahead and develop a strategy to reach your marketing goals
  • Capture and close more leads
  • Recover lost revenue
  • Get more readers to open your emails
  • Save time
  • Stay organized
  • Understand your business’s target audience

…so you can get back to doing stuff you love (like building your business)!

We designed each free tool to solve a specific sales or marketing challenge our customers have shared with us. We have 6 free marketing tools available:

  1. Abandoned cart calculator
  2. Content marketing templates
  3. CRM template
  4. Subject line generator
  5. Persona template
  6. Social media content calendar

Keep reading to learn more about each tool.

1. Abandoned cart calculator

Over 75% of people abandon their shopping carts online. When shoppers abandon their cart on your ecommerce store, you lose sales without even realizing it.

This abandoned cart calculator shows you how much abandoned carts cost you — and how many sales you could get back by adding a simple abandoned cart email. Start recovering lost revenue.

2. Content marketing templates

How do you manage a content marketing team? Keyword research, outlines, editing, formatting standards, and outreach are all repeatable processes — and content marketing templates make them run faster and more smoothly.

These 7 content marketing templates include:

  1. Keyword research and outline
  2. 23-point editing checklist
  3. SERP analysis checklist
  4. Blog scannability checklist
  5. Proven email outreach templates
  6. Ways to practice writing
  7. Moments of excellence checklist

Create better quality work across your entire team, cut down on rounds of revision, and scale up your marketing without adding tons of time. Download the free templates.

3. Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets CRM template

It can be a headache to get all of your sales leads organized. We’ve created a free customer relationship management (CRM) template that works with both Microsoft Excel & Google Sheets so you can stop keeping track of leads in your head (or on Post-it notes).

Prevent new business from slipping through the cracks with your own customizable CRM. Start tracking your sales leads with this free CRM template.

4. Subject line generator

People decide if they’ll open your emails in less than 3 seconds. Great email subject lines get more people to open your emails. That’s why we built this subject line generator.

How it works:

  1. Pick a keyword category
  2. Input your keyword
  3. Let it generate your subject line!

Let us give you some subject line ideas — or check out the guide to write your own. Generate your subject lines here.

5. Persona template

What makes a marketing campaign successful? Knowing your audience. Buyer personas help you understand the needs of those you serve (or want to serve).

Use this free template (plus 3 examples) as a guide to identify your ideal buyers and craft effective, targeted messages that lead to conversions. Build your own buyer persona.

6. Social content calendar template

It’s a pain to post consistently and track deadlines for social media. We’ve created a social media content calendar to help you plan what content to share, manage your marketing campaigns, track deadlines, and ultimately build stronger relationships with your followers.

Plan social campaigns ahead of time with this template for Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

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