Free Survey Email Template

Need to find out how your customer service is going or how your client is perceiving you? Get some valuable feedback from your most loyalest customers with this beautiful blue and grey free survey email template. The bright orange button will surely grab attention as the only focus for a call-to-action. Seeing that businesses can benefit from having a Google Plus page to gain some traction in their organic ranking, we’ve decided to help you out and included a Google Plus social button at the bottom of the template; get some more followers in your Circle!

As always, head over and download your free copy in our free email template gallery here.

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  • Great template! Thank you for this post! I learn something new every time i read this blog.

  • Joe Allen

    I like it beacsue it’s not to “designery” and I can modify it for different purposes.

    Does it work only in your software or can I use it in MailMonk or Aweber too?

  • Great template. Very useful even more so since its free. Keep up the good work.

  • Test