Free HTML Email Template

We have a growing number of email templates now available. We are now working on producing a number of free email templates to compliment the paid template offerings. All of our templates are created by professional designers, and are tested in a huge variety of email reader programs in order to ensure that each email template design will appear as intended no matter who is reading the email or what they are using to read the email.

This template is a very simple yet effective email template that has been tested in numerous email clients to ensure a positive reading experience.

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  • Peter Reck


    Thank you for sharing that template.

    I am a beginner/novice in e-mail marketing but interested in how to use templates.

    When I saved the template you shared, I realized the xml code and wondered how I would work with that template, i.e. how would I customize it for my purposes?

    Do you have a link to a tutorial for novices like me?



  • Hi Peter,

    The XML file is a specific template file for 1-2-All. To use the template you would have to have a 1-2-All install that you use. You would simply login to 1-2-All, select a list, go to the templates page and click import.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

  • Peter Reck

    Jason: Thanks, I got it!


  • Great! This is what we need!

    Thank you!

  • jayalal

    hi …i also tried to use the free template. imported it into a list and find that it does not show as in the sample. the colors, boarders, fonts are different. Can u pls let me know how to use the template as it is.? Jayalal

  • tricia

    I am trying to use this template but it wont let me embed a link at all. sometimes the URL’s for my pages on my website get super long and they are forcing modifications to the shape of the template – Why does it give me an error message about running scripts when I try to hyperlink a word or phrase to the url I want?