We fully understand the frustration of trying to design and code your email layout without it breaking all over the place when viewed in your inbox. Your email design is important to your company branding and you’ve worked really hard today – why add more stress? This Friday, we’re going to help you out and lessen your headaches. We’re giving you free email templates.
Because we love each and every one of you, you’re more than welcome to use these email templates any way you see fit. If you’re a customer of ActiveCampaign, we’ve even added some personalized tags and conveniently included an XML file for import. If you’re the creative type and you’re not scared to get your hands dirty, these two email templates comes with a PSD Photoshop file. Don’t like the colors or the shape of a button? No problem, you’re free to change it.

We hope you find these email templates useful as it has been fun for us creating them for you. Happy Friday!