A lead magnet is a great way to get someone to sign up for your email list.

And once a contact joins your list, an automated nurture sequence is a great way to get them closer to buying your products.

But once they’re on your list and getting your emails…how do you know when to sell to them?

Selling only to the people who are interested in what you have to offer is a great way to get more of your best customers.

When you sell to people that you know value your work, it’s a lot easier to get sales.

You wind up with a happier set of customers.

And you don’t need to waste time chasing leads that will never actually buy from you (or aren’t a good fit for your product).

Fit with Strahil is one of the top fitness websites in Bulgaria. Their primary product is a coaching program, The 16-Week Combo Program, where customers get a meal plan, workout routine, email support, and 1-on-1 phone calls.

The “lead magnet to nurture campaigns to sales funnel” is a tried and true way to sell online. Fit with Strahil used ActiveCampaign to make their system even more effective—in three ways.

  1. Collecting segmentation information on their initial sign-up form
  2. Sending different lead magnets to different audience segments
  3. Using lead scoring to find their most interested potential customers

Here’s how they did it.

How to appeal to people with different goals

In the fitness world, the two biggest goals are “lose weight” and “gain muscle.”

Fundamentally, a good trainer can probably help people with both goals.

The problem is that the messaging and marketing for “lose weight” is significantly different from “gain muscle.” A fitness company needs to figure out how to appeal to both groups of people.

Enter segmentation.

On the Fit with Strahil website, the primary lead magnet is a free home workout. In order to get that lead magnet, website visitors need to fill out a simple form.

In addition to adding an email address, website visitors need to provide two other pieces of information.

  1. Male/female
  2. “Lose weight” or “gain muscle”

Then what?

The new contact gets their free home workout. But they also get added to a nurture automation that’s specifically focused on their interests.

Here’s an example of what a typical start trigger would look like for this kind of segmentation.
An automation that is triggered by a form submit and segment

This triggers an automation when the “Free Home Workout” form is submitted and the contact said that they are trying to lose weight.

Because ActiveCampaign has 20+ different start triggers and lets you set up as many automations as you like, Fit with Strahil can send out 4 different versions of their lead magnet.

They could also offer any number of other lead magnets—all they’d need to do is replicate their automations.

Use lead scoring to find your best customers

Not everyone who requests a lead magnet is going to be ready to buy. In the case of Fit with Strahil, some people are just looking for a free home workout.

So how can you tell who to sell to?

Lead scoring.

Your contacts are taking tons of actions that indicate they might be interested in what you have to offer.

They’re opening your emails. They’re clicking on links. They’re visiting your website. And with every action, they’re learning more about what you have to say.

If you could track that activity, you’d know exactly who to sell to—and when.

That’s exactly what Fit with Strahil does.
nurture automation with lead scoring to find best customers

At each step of this automation, a contact’s lead score changes based on how they’ve interacted with an email.

This automation delivers a series of nurture emails to contacts. It also updates a contact’s lead score after they open emails or click on links.

The steps to the automation follow this pattern:

  • An email is sent
  • If the contact clicks a link the email, lead score increases
  • A go-to action moves the contact to the next automation step

And repeat.

You can get a closer look at this automation (and use it for yourself) by clicking the button below. That will import the automation directly into your ActiveCampaign account.

A couple of other lead scoring rules run in the background at the same time.

Visiting the pricing page, testimonial page, or shopping cart adds additional points to the score.

Then, when a contact reaches a lead score of 100, they get automatically added to an automation that sells them the main coaching product.

Because these contacts are definitely interested, a lot of them become customers. And those that don’t (or don’t reach a lead score of 100) can always be added to other nurture automations.

Learning to use lead scoring (and other ActiveCampaign features)

ActiveCampaign has a lot of powerful features that can help businesses automate marketing and sales. Fit with Strahil uses those features to take a standard funnel (lead magnet to nurture sequence to sales) and make it more effective.

They also have some advice for people who are just getting started with tools like lead scoring.

“My advice to all ActiveCampaigners out there would be simple: don’t feel scared/intimidated by all the possibilities ActiveCampaign provides. First, educate yourself on how to use the platform (how-tos, podcast, 1-on-1s), spend a good chunk of time on clarifying your strategy and then transform that strategy into AC automations.

Start as simple as possible and don’t expect it to be perfect the first time – be patient, learn from your mistakes (there’ll be a few), experiment with the different features and grow from there. Step by step it will all start to fit together really nicely.” – Lazar Lazarov, Digital Marketer at Fit with Strahil

With segmentation, automation, and lead scoring, Fit with Strahil is able to get more of their best customers.