The Home for the Holidays Yule Log Fireside Chat – with Ann Handley

The Home for the Holidays Yule Log Fireside Chat – with Ann Handley

What’s the best way to round off a spectacular holiday feast? How about gathering round an open fire (or maybe a cardboard cut-out one), admiring the decked-out tree (made from aluminum and preserved from the 1960s in this case), comparing festive jumpers and putting the world to rights over a well-made cocktail?

And how about doing it with some of the best marketing company out there?

That’s exactly how we brought down the curtain on ActiveCampaign’s Home for the Holidays content season. Over the last month or so, we’ve been sharing favorite festive recipes from top marketing influencers. Then, last week, I got to spend an hour with bestselling author and Chief Content Officer at Marketing Profs, Ann Handley, for our Yule Log Fireside Chat.

We had the tour of Ann’s very homely decorations, heard the story of the second-hand snowman jumper that thousands of oysters sacrificed their lives to create – and compared notes on what lessons marketers should take from the year gone by.

We recorded the entire Yule Log Fireside Chat for you to enjoy at a time that suits you. And just to whet your appetite, here are a few highlights for you to look forward to:

  • Marketing clichés roasting on an open fire
    Gather around, grab your skewer and start toasting. We run the rule over Zoozing, mullets, phygital, the longing for actually precedented times – and the horror that is the “all in this together” endline.
  • The 7 new principles of marketing momentum
    Camaraderie at scale, putting your people in front of the camera, mastering the unexpected – and focusing on what your customers actually need: these are the principles we’ve picked up in 2020.
  • Champagne taste on a lemonade budget
    We celebrate the brands punching weigh above their weight on limited budgets, with genius creative ideas from Huit Denim, the National Park Service, and the legendary Larry of the Currituck County Economic Development Agency: “People know what you do – you have to sell them on who you are.”
  • Nanette, the dog tag and the customer experience that went too far
    Cool, creative marketing is a wonderful thing – but before you deliver an authentic-sounding invitation to engage, ask yourself if you’re really ready to engage back. This classic Ann Handley Christmas tale shows why it’s time to start taking customer experience seriously.
  • Why creativity is challenging – and why it’s worth it
    How to force yourself to do the non-obvious thing, take the non-easy course and follow the non-proven idea – with inspiration from some TikTok’ing nuns.

Pull up a sofa, put up your feet and click here to enjoy the Yule Log Fireside Chat in full. And don’t forget to download the full, collected At Home for the Holidays Cookbook with delicious recipes from your favorite marketing influencers.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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