I’m experimenting a bit with Firefox 3, since the stable release should be out soon. There are still some issues: the bookmark manager, in particular, seems to get confused when I move bookmarks around, moving them to the wrong spot; even cloning separators rather than moving them. Stress-testing some AJAX didn’t work out so well, crashing overnight.
But one bright spot is its memory usage. It’s much better than Firefox 2, and despite some of the present quirks in the 5th beta, I’m pretty happy with the program overall. The Web Developer add-on has been updated for the latest beta, and Firebug (on its own site) has a beta version that’s compatible with Firefox 3, too. (Firebug is indispensable, really, particularly when debugging AJAX.)
Now all that’s left is for my RSS reader to be updated. Well, that, and of course the crashing should stop. The crashing should always stop.