New! Store and Access Important Files Right from Your Deals

Sales reps need quick access to important documents so that they can reference them in conversation with prospects and customers. 

Files on Deals mean you won’t waste time finding and pulling up relevant files for your customers, or need to manage a separate system for file storage. 

Our easy drag-n-drop management system lets you do the following with files in multiple formats (like pdf, doc, csv, jpg, and more!):

  • Upload
  • Rename 
  • Download
  • Delete

Files on Deals are available to anyone that uses the ActiveCampaign CRM. Users who can see deals can add, rename, or download files. Admins or users with “delete a deal” permission can delete. You can learn more about Files on Deals in our help article

Files on Deals are just the newest way we’re helping teams create better sales experiences that lead to better outcomes. Check out our recent blogs to see what else we’ve released:

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