New! Store and Access Important Files Right from Your Deals

As your sales team grows, the tools you add to your everyday use of your CRM might change. Whether it be adding new integrations like Calendly and Slack, or automating more tasks and communications, you need to stay on top of what makes your team working efficiently. With some of the latest additions to the ActiveCampaign CRM, you and your team can be productive as you grow and make the most of your processes. 

Sales reps need quick access to important documents so that they can reference them in conversation with prospects and customers. Files on Deals allow you to pull up relevant files for your customers, preventing you from flipping through folders or needing to manage a separate system for file storage. 

Our easy management system lets you do the following with files in multiple formats (like pdf, doc, csv, jpg, and more!):

  • Upload
  • Rename 
  • Download
  • Delete

On the deal record, you’ll notice this new section towards the bottom, next to where your notes and emails live. You’ll be able to add a file here by dragging and dropping it, or clicking to add a file. We support a variety of file types, and in this case I’ll be adding a csv file called Contract Modeling. 

When you upload it, a message will appear saying the file was successfully uploaded, along with a notice of how much of your total storage you’ve used. The limit of storage for files on deals is determined by your plan tier. 

Once you’ve uploaded your file, you can download it by clicking here. You can also rename the file, or delete the file if needed.
We’re really excited to bring you files on deals, and hope that this will enable you to have a more productive and meaningful sales process. Anyone that uses the ActiveCampaign CRM wil have access to Files on Deals. Users who can see deals can add, rename, or download files. Admins or users with “delete a deal” permission can delete. You can learn more about Files on Deals in our help article.

Files on Deals are just the newest way we’re helping teams create better sales experiences that lead to better outcomes. Check out our recent blogs to see what else we’ve released:

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