New Year, New Releases

Automation Contacts – Reports

zh3b95mpj contacts report
Many of you have asked for enhanced reporting from our platform, and it is a priority in 2017. To kick the year off, we recently consolidated the “Contacts” and “Recent Activity” tabs in the automation report view.
The new ‘Automation Contacts’ page replaces both of those and introduces the new functionality and interface found in the Goals report as a way to dig into the contacts in the automation itself.
You can now interact with contacts that have passed through the automation right from within the report. You can now email the contact, create a deal, add a task or add a note to a specific contact right from the reports view.
Like the general contact view, you are also able to customize the columns right in the report view. The app will remember the way you customized the columns and present the information to you in the same way next time.
For example, you could sort by contacts that have a specific tag to show how that tag affects completion time.
We also added an export button to this “Automation Contacts” report, and the “Automation Goals” report, so you can export a CSV of all the contacts in the report.
You can access the Automation Contacts view, by navigating to the “Contacts” sub-tab of the Automation report view.
As we modernize old reports and add new ones we will enhance all of our new reports along the way. All the new features and refinements added to this report have also been added to the Goals Report, and we’re just getting started.

Merge and Delete Contacts

I am happy to share that it is now possible to merge contacts into another contact record.
The contact merge functionality, along with the new delete contact functionality appears in the drop-down menu from the gear icon next to a contact’s name in the contact record.
Permissions to merge contacts are set in the permissions tab of the user group modal in your settings.
After selecting “Merge” from the drop-down menu, you will be presented with several suggested destination contacts, or you can search for a specific contact.
If there are any field conflicts between the two contact records being merged, you will be prompted to resolve the conflicts before proceeding.
You may select one contact to resolve all of the conflicts. If you would like to see the specific conflicting fields and their values, click “View all conflicting fields”. You will then see a list of the conflicting fields and each contact’s value for those fields.
After resolving any field conflicts, you will be presented with the opportunity to resolve any automation conflicts in the same way.
After all conflicts have been resolved, you will be presented with the final confirmation modal. Once you have confirmed all of the prompts, the source contact will be merged into the destination contact.
The process for deleting a contact from the contact record follows a similar design pattern. If a contact is the primary contact on one or more deals, you will be presented with the option to reassign those deals to a new primary contact.

Sending Addresses

cngny6yh sending address
Having a single physical address presented in the footer of campaigns across multiple lists has been a complication for some of our users. Especially if you managed a central account of contacts for a parent company across several businesses.
Coming soon, you will be able to manage multiple addresses for your account. You can manage these “sending addresses” from the “Addresses” tab of your settings page.
Sending addresses are the mailing addresses used when sending out campaigns, automation emails, or form opt-in emails.
When editing a sending address you can choose what lists or user groups a specific address is assigned to, as well as choose a default sending address.
The default sending address will be indicated by a “default” badge on the right side of the list of addresses. There can only be one Highlander default address at a time.

New Actions + Searches for Zapier

tuqoro591 zapier
We recently rolled out an update to the ActiveCampaign Zapier integration, to include one new “Action” and two new “Searches.”

It is now possible to create a new contact note with the Add Contact Note action.
You can also search for an existing contact or deal before sending a zap action using the Find Contact and Find Deal searches respectively.
For example, you could use these new updates to search for a contact by email address, and then add a note to the existing contact all from a single zap.
This should help reduce the number of duplicate contacts or deals created for Zapier users.
Get started using ActiveCampaign on Zapier with these pre-made Zaps.
We will be rolling these features out gradually to everybody on the Contact and Deals release, so you should expect to see these new features in the coming weeks. You can update your account to the new Contact and Deals release by clicking the link at the bottom of this page

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