Feature Overview: Cross-tab Reporting

A major development for ActiveCampaign Survey Software is that we have added crosstab functionality to reports. This is available for both the installable survey software and the hosted survey service. Showing a report with a crosstab lets you view only the responses from people who gave a specific answer to a question. For example, if one of your survey questions is which country are you from, you can create a report that shows responses only for those who are from the US, or only those from Canada, etc…

Crosstabulation is where you can view survey results that come from a subset of people. For example, let’s say I have a survey that asks people 3 questions: Gender, Age, and Favorite Hobby. While the survey results will tell me what people’s favorite hobbies are in general, it would be much more useful if I could break it down further so I can view hobbies for all males between 25-35, or hobbies for females between 40-60. Crosstab lets you do that.

Crosstabs can be added by going to Reports -> Add New Crosstab. Type the name of the crosstab (for internal viewing purposes) and choose a survey, and then save. Next, you can choose a question, a condition, and then an answer. So in our case I would choose “Gender”, “Answer is equal to”, and then enter “Male” (or select a suggestion). Then I could add another condition by choosing “AND” or “OR”, and then choosing “Age” for the question, etc…

It is easy to create a set of conditions for a question and even join those conditions to another question. Click on Conditions sand then select a question that you want to add crosstab functionality to. Conditions that you can set include Answer is equal to, Answer is not equal, Answer contains, Answer does not contain, Answer starts with, Answer ends with, Question has been answered, and Question has not been answered. You can set this using suggested answers to questions. You can then join this condition to another question by using an And or Or condition.

Now we are ready to view the results. Click on Reports -> Survey Responses, and choose a web survey. If there are any crosstab views for a selected survey then they will appear in the section below. Choose the crosstab filter and then hit submit. The charts and graphs you now see will contain ONLY those responses that match the criteria in the crosstab view.

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