ActiveCampaign Email Marketing users have long been able to easily import a list of subscribers using a .csv file or a simple copy and paste method. But what happens if your subscriber lists are on another MySQL database? This is a quandary that many of our past clients have run into. Additionally wouldn’t it be nice if you could run automated daily syncs using a cronjob or a scheduled task! The database sync tool allows you to do this as it connects your Email Marketing to an external MySQL database. Previously sold as an add-on, it is now freely available as a standard feature of Email Marketing.
The sync add-on allows you to navigate and browse through your database information in a simply and easily. With the sync add-on you can synchronize email addresses, names, subscription dates, and any number of optional fields. Each sync is specific to a single mailing list and you can create as many syncs as you wish. Set any number of sync rules for each sync. Such as “I only want to sync rows that have a field with a certain value” and many other options. The rules allow you to specify conditions in the formats of equals, does not equal, contains, does not contain, and greater than, less than. For example you could say I want to select rows from my external database/table where the row has field age greater than 18 and field subscribed equal to one!
The sync add-on allows you to set options to keep your list up to date. Every time you run the sync it will add any new subscribers from your external source and the sync process will update all of your subscribers information in Email Marketing with the latest information from your external source (including subscriber fields). And because you have the ability to sync any number of fields from your external database, you can incorporate user data from other systems into your email templates for a much more personalized email design.