Introducing the ActiveCampaign Experts Corner

Experts Corner
At ActiveCampaign we take service and support very seriously. All of our hosted accounts come with free phone, email, and chat support, in addition to webinars and one on ones.
Additionally, we love developers. We actively maintain and improve our API and Zapier integrations to make working with our platform a breeze.
That said, sometimes you or your business might need someone who can go beyond even what we can do for you. Maybe you’re not a programmer but you want ActiveCampaign to tie into your company’s systems, maybe you need custom templates in mind, or maybe you want someone to help you choose a server system for our On-Site edition. With these things in mind we’re going to make it easier than ever to connect you to folks who can help do all these things and more.
Today we’ve rolled out our Experts Corner. Here you can find listings of companies that we recommend to help you with the things we cannot. We’ve hand picked a few to start off with but we’ll be adding more as time goes on. If you’re an ActiveCampaign expert and would like to be included let us know.

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