Etsy + ActiveCampaign = The complete Etsy email marketing solution

Etsy is an incredible site for creative artists to sell their creations.  As we love to help small businesses grow – what could be better than helping Etsy stores keep in touch with their customers while increasing their product sales?

We set out to create a total marketing experience for Etsy.  No copying/pasting of customer information.  No manually adding your featured products to newsletters.  Easily connect your store to ActiveCampaign to keep in touch with your customers and promote select products from your store.  You can save time & improve your sales with our Etsy marketing tools.

Keep in touch with your customers

Your customers information will automatically be added to ActiveCampaign.  This allows you to send them newsletters, automated order thank you’s, and more!

Send emails & newsletters that have your products embedded

With any email or newsletter you send you can easily include live product data from your Etsy store.  Connecting your Etsy account with ActiveCampaign takes only a couple of clicks.

A trial is worth a thousand words.
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