Embedded Images In Mailings

As of Email Marketing  4.53.7 we now allow you to embed images within your email campaigns to enhance your email design.  This means you can easily send a graphical message to your list and be less reliant on the subscriber clicking on “allow images” or “show images” which some of your subscribers may not take the time to do.

Embedding images could not be easier.  Create your campaign as you would any other time and click on the embed images checkbox.  When selected Email Marketing  will automatically embed any images within your mailing (currently does not support css or background images)

If you want to turn this on or off you can do so via the List > General List Settings page. You can also set the setting in the “default list settings” for a specific admin user from the Settings > Users page.

If you have any feedback, questions, suggestions, etc… just let us know.

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  • Rae

    Does embedding images mean they will be able to be viewed by a recipient when they’re offline?

  • Yes – embedding images will attach the images and make the graphics viewable even if the user is offline. If you are having any problems with this specific feature please submit a ticket in the support center and we can assist you.

  • Philipp Stakenborg

    Yeeehaa! Finally we have images in emails:) #amItoolate?

    • Brian Gladu

      Haha. A little, yes. But, thanks for dredging up this blast from the past; I hadn’t seen this one yet. My, how far we’ve come…

      • Philipp Stakenborg

        pretty far :)