Embed Social Media Content on Your Landing Page with ActiveCampaign and Walls.io

Embed Social Media Content on Your Landing Page with ActiveCampaign and Walls.io

This post was contributed by Ana Lopez of Walls.io.

Making a good first impression is vital in any business scenario. One of the best ways to achieve this is by embedding trustful content on a landing page, either from your social media profiles or a hashtag. That’s where ActiveCampaign and Walls.io integration comes in.

Walls.io is a social media aggregator that allows you to collect, curate and display content from various social media platforms in a unified social feed. Other sources, such as RSS feeds, images or videos, can be added as well.

Adding a social media feed to your landing page will not only create a first good impression but will also boost brand awareness and allow you to showcase valuable user-generated content. You will achieve both of these while repurposing the social media content you already create.

Boost brand awareness with Walls.io and ActiveCampaign

A social media feed provides instant brand awareness. No matter what product or service you offer, Walls.io helps you collect and display every image related to your field, which creates brand recognition.

A person is more likely to become a client once they recognize your brand. When you embed a social media feed on your ActiveCampaign landing page, you showcase valuable content to visitors, which helps them remember your brand.

A great example is the Dallas Mavericks’ social media wall. This feed collects social media posts from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and displays them on the website’s homepage, creating instant brand awareness.

58lcgs4uq dallas mavericks social hub website embedThe Dallas Mavericks’ social wall embedded on their website, displaying content from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Leverage the power of authentic user-generated content

Posts from your brand’s customers provide proof for potential new customers which shows that a brand is worth their purchase. Someone might not click on a regular ad for a brand, but they are more likely to click on a post their friends or other consumers have shared. Brands can drive conversions with authentic user-generated content from existing customers raving about how happy they are with your product.

Many major brands leverage user-generated content through social walls. For instance, beyerdynamic an audio equipment manufacturer, leverages user-generated content by embedding a social wall on their landing page. They also add CTA buttons on some product photos to encourage visitors to buy them.

hznnwxy beyerdynamic social commerce wall 1Beyerdynamic’s social wall embedded on a landing page. The wall displays user-generated content with CTA buttons.

Repurpose your social media content

Repurposing social media content is extremely easy with a social media wall. All you have to do is select to pull content from a hashtag or profile. A branded hashtag should collect user-generated content while gathering content from your social profiles will keep your aesthetic intact.

Leverage the content you already make by displaying it on your landing page. Why not leverage it by exhibiting it on a landing page? It’s a win-win situation.

Ferrari, for example, uses a unified social media feed on its website to present and promote the content they put so much work into. By embedding their social content, they create an interactive brand experience on their website.

f45ixlf4e ferrari website screenshot automotive social media feed embedFerrari’s social wall displaying Instagram content on their website.

How to embed your content on an ActiveCampaign landing page

To embed your content on an ActiveCampaign landing page, you can collect, curate and display content in a unified social feed. You can collect this content from various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and many more. Other sources, such as RSS feeds, images or videos, can be added as well.

These are the 4 user-friendly steps you need to follow to create a social wall:

1. Sign up at Walls.io and set up your social wall with these instructions:

2. Go to “Embed & Display” and copy the JavaScript code

s2hvcv2jb embed social wall on landing pageThe “Embed & Display” section of Walls.io highlighting where to find the JavaScript code.

3. Go to ActiveCampaign and edit the page you want to add your social wall to. Add a new Section where you want the widget to appear. Next, add the Embed component to the newly created section. This component will receive the widget code.

wsi8qiji3 insert social wall to landing page
An ActiveCampaign’s page in edit mode. The arrow indicates where to drop a Section to create a new component.

4. Click on the “Embed” component and paste the code you’ve copied in step #1 to the embed – the social wall will automatically be displayed in your page template:

bnu1ki6tw social wall on landing pageAn ActiveCampaign’s page in edit mode. The JavaScript code was pasted into the Embed component and automatically displayed a social wall.

Done! That’s all you have to do to embed a social media feed on your landing page.

Curate a social wall that turns page visitors into customers. You have complete control over the content displayed on your feed. You (or your assigned moderator) can hand-pick the imagery you want your brand to be related to.

Embed a social wall on your landing page now!

Creating a positive first impression on your landing page visitors takes seconds. A social media wall will create an impactful reaction and will turn visitors into clients. Many major brands use a social feed to leverage their social content.

The WWalls.io and ActiveCampaign integrationis effortless and brings countless benefits. Embed your valuable social media content on your landing page now!

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